Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving Day is Here!

I will no longer be posting here at this blog.

To read my future musings and meanderings please go to my new blog: Pokeberry Patch.

I've just written my first post there!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moz Waits for His new...?.. Guitar!

Moz the Mole is perched here on my keyboard with his fiddle that doesn't fit his stubby little arms waiting for me to create something more to his liking. I decided he wants a patriotic guitar since summer is coming. Maybe he wants to play a nice fourth of July blue grass festival someplace up in the mountains?

I picked up some felt with a flag pattern at Hobby Lobby and it just seemed to want to be incorporated into this project. I have it sitting in some tea right now for the third time trying to give it a nice worn look. I'm going to make Moz a little acoustic guitar using the tea dyed flag pattern somehow. Jasper's standing guard to see if this will all turn out well or not as he is always interested in finding someone new to jam with here in Pokeberry. Too bad he didn't come along earlier when the jug band members were here they'd have had a great time I think.

In working on this I keep thinking, well, you learn as you go. I'm planning to upgrade my armature making next time around and do things a bit differently when it comes to paws and claws. Right now I've been using tightly twisted wool to create fingers. I think next time I'll try wrapping yarn or floss around fine wire instead--for a little more articulation in the 'fingers'.

Another thing I think about is--how much work do you want to put into one little folk art creature? Can you justify the time spent with what the potential pay might be? Well.. that too is an issue that will need to be looked at in time. I think most likely you simply cannot earn your 'time' when you are starting out, although it would be equally dumb to just let one of a kind items go for 'nuttin hunny' as well.

I know I will be happiest if I get to indulge my perfectionist artsyness and give things special touches--so I'll have to take enjoyment as part of my paycheck.

Of course one doesn't know if ANYTHING will sell at all.. that's another possibility. Well--if I thought I couldn't sell a thing--I guess I'd feel bad, but I do want to try. I also think that judging by the reactions from everyone who has ever received one of my dolls or critters as a gift-- there should be a market someplace for this stuff.

I have sold on ebay in the past. I was doing that quite regularly before I went to work in fine art supply store up in Milwaukee. At the time I needed full time and to be really sure the money would come in on time to pay rent for our family. Hubby had hit a bad patch in his career and my income was not optional for us at the time. I found then that the more I sold the easier it became. I found a niche and developed a little following. It worked out but I started to feel it would be easier to have a day job.

The cool thing about my day job was that I learned so much selling art supplies! I got to take seminars and go to product demos. I was involved with artists on a daily basis. I grew leap years in that job and at my subsequent jobs in a wonderful Needlework shop and later at the library where I had access to thousands of books.

Now, times are different. It is actually more useful for me as a granny to be home. Hubby is doing well, we don't have a mortgage and once our house is 'all done' (when?) we hope to have some stable financial years approaching retirement. I can afford to 'risk' this now. If nothing at all sells I will find 'takers' in my family at Christmas I'm sure. Moz and Jasper already have fans here.

One thing I am enjoying right now is a burst of creativity! The more I do creatively it seems the more ideas flow!

Nothing to lose as far as I can see right now, and possibilities are everywhere.

Here in Pokeberry, Hubby is studying his shopping list for the deck on the driveway side of our house. He's heading out to Lowes soon. I'm looking out at a lovely scene. The garden is lit up by that golden morning sun even though storm clouds are above us in patches. Our forecast is a warm upper 80's, with scattered thunderstorms. We can work around it. The pool is heating up nicely. All is well and good and Moz is waiting for his new instrument as patiently as an old mole can wait.

Have a wonderful, restful and joyous Pokeberry Sunday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Intelligence of Web Crawlers... Always a Chuckle.

I posted last night about "Moz" the wool felted Pokeberry Mole, that may or may not play guitar, This morning I came in and found about half a dozen google adsense ads for trapping and removing moles--both the sort that grow on faces and the sort that tunnel about under my garden.

Hubby was just griping this morning about a key word search he had done for information about deck building and how the first links to come up were phony. It seems there are companies that just throw out ads full of key words to try to get web traffic. You go to the website and its got nothing to do with your search.

Anyhow all this is the result of lots of intelligent little web crawler critters. I think I may have to make some of those one of these days. They seem to crawl about and glom onto your words and try to figure out--with no brains whatsoever--what they mean and how they would be relevant to others.

Now I personally have no interest in trapping or exterminating or surgically removing Moz. I have once tried to remove a little mole from a tunnel near the Hillbilly Hilton, mainly because Mojo and George were trying to root him out and I thought he might be better off in my hands than being shared by the boys. I will tell you that moles are very stubborn and much stronger than you would think. I could not get him to let loose of his tunnel and neither could our heroic pups.

Moles are feisty critters! Web Crawlers as well... perhaps they are like Moles? Sort of blindly tunneling through cyber gardens trying to make matches with ads and searches in a somewhat hit or miss manner. I suppose if there are enough of them and they make enough stabs at it, in a persistent manner--they will tend to get it right now and again--maybe even more than not.

Gosh.. what an interesting tunnel I've stumbled into now.

Raining at the Hilton

Remember the old shed/cabin? When my husband's family was here for the wedding they upgraded it a bit. It now has 2 rooms and an enclosed toilet with sink and shelf. They actually did sleep it in a couple of nights before the week was over. It boasts a dorm size fridge, coffee pot, air conditioner, heater and ceiling fan as well.

The photo above shows the sign I made for Mother's Day for my Mom in Law--she loved it. It says it all--"Hillbilly Hilton". Mom has already begun to decorate. She brought along a giant wood flying Elvis bust for the wall and hung up a couple of John Deere Tractor and farm scene puzzles opposite it. It promises to be one really strange little space. Perfect for someone who refers to herself as "Spacey Gramma" and "GG" (great gramma)

I took the photo a few minutes ago when it was raining heavily. The hillsides and woods looked like a tropical rain forest here. The stream down hill is running wild over the little dam Hubby built in it. This is all well and good however-- this is the three day weekend we scheduled to begin work on another section of decking for the house. We intend to have a deck wrap around the house with a roof over it. The backyard section is done and I was standing on it when I snapped that shot. The purpose of all the decking is to make the house look like something other than a large box-like barn and also to enable us to easily access the top floor so we can work on things like the upper floor siding in the front of the house, soffits and anything we ever need to do on the roof. Without a deck in front the top floor is well over 30 feet off the ground in the front of the house. The other three sides are either built into the hillside or at least partly into it. We need to do soffits all around the house still and we need to do the top floor siding in front and part of one side. Everything that we could safely reach is done. We decided that rather than have to rent a lift bucket truck every time we needed to work on the house we should build something make it more easy to access.

Anyhow this weekend is supposed to be a chance to make progress on that and our #3 Son--who does much of the carpentry here-- has injured his foot, Hubby's knee is acting up and then there's this on and off deluge going on. Will we be deterred??

Dunno... we shall see...

Have a wonderful Pokeberry Memorial Weekend!