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Monday, March 3, 2008

Birds Day Out

Hubby and I took a nice walk to the park yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. We stopped to look at the river and saw some little blue gills swimming in it. After we walked home we decided to have a snack on the patio and share it with our pet birds, Bubba and Sweetpea. Bubba & Sweetpea had their wings re-clipped just Saturday so we felt ok about taking them out for some sunshine. They got to feast a bit on our apple cores and then we let them climb about in a little tree near us as we sat, feet up, enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon watching the laundry drying on the line.

Oh by the way-- semi frugal clothes drying-- I brought my old clothesline here from Wisconsin. I run it on little plastic pulleys with plastic separators. I stand in one spot and hang and unhang clothes then tug the line and it moves along for me. Since we are renting and didn't know exactly where to hang the line--one side is attached to a hook on the side of the garage, the other side is bungee corded to a nearby tree--so when I'm done drying clothes I can detach my line and it hasn't done any damage. When I dry towels outside I give them just a few minutes of fluffing time in the dryer after I take them down, otherwise line dry towels are stiff and crunchy. I dried two loads yesterday, one of dress shirts for work, followed by towels. One line was enough to do this, light load first. Everything smelled wonderful!

I got a little work done on my succulent purse as well.It has been lined with sheet moss and filled with soil, so all that is needed now is to begin tucking in plants. I should have that done soon and then I will post all the photos and directions in one post so it can be followed easily. Another thing I did was re-sort my seed collection and start some more flower seeds. I also emptied some of last year's pots into the compost bin so they can be refilled with fresh soil. We talked about the backyard, rather than repair the old brick wall on in back of the yard we think now we will just ask the landlord if I can have a garden plot in the space between the garage and the fence. Hopefully it will be a 'go' and I'll have veggies growing this summer as well as my container plants. We shall see. The price of food has been going up all over lately, Wouldn't it be nice if paychecks rose as quickly as expenses do?


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  2. Your birds are so cute! My friend had a lovebird called Sweet Pea!!!

    Nice clothesline system. Pretty cool.

    Yes...wish those paychecks would go up this week actually!!! LOL

  3. Sweetpea actually isn't the sweetest--he's nice to me, but he's actually somewhat macho and pushes Bubba (who is larger) around. Kind of funny. Bubba doesn't seem to know he could take Sweetpea in a fight. ;)