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Friday, March 7, 2008

No Digging Today..

Nature has altered our plans. It was supposed to rain later tonite, but has decided to rain this morning. I can see the blue jays right now, flitting about in the rain, playing mainly in a little tree near my trellis and then going to the hedge--where dozens of birds hide throughout the day. The rain seems to be a nice steady even tempered rain. The hole where the pool will be is quickly becoming undiggable for the day at least--maybe for a couple days. Birds like robins are inspecting the new dirt for worms, which is fun to watch. There is no complaining about rain allowed here in Charlotte--we are thankful for every drop. As I said in my last post, I still hold a positive attitude about this drought thing, I think it will be improved soon. Of course summer could prove me wrong, but you never know--why anticipate only the worst? Can't we have pleasant expectations?

I see now a carolina wren and robin out hunting on the creeping charlie lawn and the dirt pile by the hole. The rain is lovely!
I was going to go out & snap a picture, with the neighbors forsythia & the arch trellis with the blooming jessamine--but sadly my batteries didn't charge well, so I guess I won't post one today. I did open a window a bit to hear the birds more, but its a tad chilly--so that's not working out either.

I'm studying forsythia a bit, my neighbor is going to dig his up and offered it to me--I think I may take it. I know I will take some cuttings, but I wasn't sure about the big old shrubs. This isn't our house, but it does have some landscaping that badly needs rejuvenating and I know the landlord has sunk alot into this house since he bought it, so I doubt he has plans to do that, I may just see what I can do myself. Afterall we are living here, so long as its not a big expense I see no reason not to pretty things up for both of us. He has given me gardening permission--and I do have that 'good eye' and 'green thumbs' and semi-frugal mindset that could kick this place up a notch--and enjoy the process. :)

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