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Friday, March 7, 2008

Out the Window, A Friday Morning..

52 degrees so far this morning, the sun is beginning to come up--and the sky is lightening, but not much yet--looks like it is cloudy. We may get some showers tonite. Hubby and sons moved my arch trellis last night and my bird feeders and bath and began to dig/level the ground for the new swimming pool. Its not a fancy pool, just a walmart sort of thing--enough to cool us on hot days and make the backyard more of a nice place to be I think. So nice of the landlord to let us do that! Wow!
Anyhow now we're trying to figure out what to do with the dirt we remove--cuz we need to put it back I suppose whenever we move out of this house. I think we ought to just put it in the broken down bricked flower bed by the back fence and rearrange those old bricks 'sawtooth style' so that it can be a bed again. Then when its time to fill the dirt back in we can just get a trailer load someplace. I guess the other alternative is to pile the dirt behind the garage and then put it back again later--or maybe level it down along the hedgerow near the pool--just spread it out. I guess when we asked to have a pool we didn't realize how slopey the ground would be--so now we do need to figure this out--got have the yard stay tidy and neat and gotta be able to leave the yard in nice shape whenever we are done renting here. Hmmmm..

So now the arch trellis and my feeders and bird bath are right out the window from here--at my kitchen table. They are just the other side of the 'patio/carport'. To us its a patio--I guess it may have been meant as a carport, it has a nice awning, but the property has a garage too--so I don't think its ever been used as a carport. Anyhow-- I can see my trellis and my stuff better now its just a nice arrangement for me.

I can hear the birds outside, in the distance. Last night they were just singing up a storm so much that I had to insist hubby come out and take a little dusk walk with me. It was just too much to resist. We walked about the neighborhood and talked and I thought how perfect it was to be able to do that.

The birds didn't waste much time figuring out where the feeder has gone, a chickadee was feeding before we had even finished moving everything. The pool 'hole' is about 1/4 done. The boys will have to work on it today, I expect to be able to buy some water for the pool next week. I need to get going on that. I didn't know hubby was going to be doing this so soon--he just brought the thing home without saying a thing. We can't use our city water to fill a pool due to the drought restrictions, but we are allowed to buy it elsewhere--so that's what I'm doing. I personally have high hopes that the drought will lighten, but if not I'm still considering get a few rainbarrels. I think though I'm glad I decided against doing the big veggie garden. I just want the house to look pretty with flowers and to have a pleasant haven in the backyard for us to gather after dinner or on weekends and sit and enjoy the birds and the pool. A respite after our labors. :)

I spent yesterday mainly helping one of my sons get started with enrollment things, he plans to start school this summer. The other one is still working on getting his GED, then will do the same--likely in the fall. So we will have students in our home. Very cool. I am glad we put up the basketball hoop and are putting the pool up--it will be good for them. I know from my nest emptying and then filling and then emptying--that it won't be long til I won't see the boys playing in my yard anymore so I savor every glimpse I get of them. My other two children are far away on the other side of the country so it is good to have some of them to look at and 'smell' and hug.

Well I'm home today and have chores to do in the house--wash floors, launder, clean baths--that sort of inspiring things. :) I work tomorrow, so I need to get it done now and that way I can rest and enjoy Sunday. I may start some more seeds today too, and I'm eyeballing my elephant ear, canna and caladium 'bulbousy root thingys' and pondering putting them into pots--now or just a while longer?? I dragged my hummingbird feeders out yesterday to look at--I don't know... I may put one out soon. Just in case there is one of those little 'overwintering' guys in the area that might want to come by here for sip. Its too early.. time to be patient I know.

Funny--when I lived in the north winter was so much longer--but I STILL get impatient for spring here in Charlotte, even though its not near so much of a wait. If you've ever seen Charlotte in spring though--wow--you'd understand. It is just doggone gorgeous here, the streets--even the highways are lined with flowering trees and wisteria and stuff--so pretty and so much pollen the sidewalk is yellow. (bring your allergy stuff)

Things are pretty green now actually--the badk yard is very green--but I that sure isn't grass out there, it appears to be mainly creeping charlie and similar little low growing wild ground cover plants. Green is green though.

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