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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dejunking with Freecycle...

I have never gotten through some containers of stuff since our last move, today I decided to start working my way through it. I sorted out some old pictures, silk flowers, a cd player I don't need, and a box of books I no longer use (I work in a library--who needs to keep books now?) I placed some ads on one of our local freecycle elists from By the end of the day I hope to have all this stuff gone from my sight. Like magic! So far I have confirmed takers for almost all of it and they all plan to come this afternoon. I hope hope hope everyone shows and it all goes away. Much less clutter to deal with.

One thing I have learned from moving as much as I have the past few years is get rid of things you don't think you'll be using--it just really is a pain to pack and move and its so much worse when you haul things you don't even need. Every house we've moved to has been a little smaller than the last one, so getting rid of excess has been a very good thing. I like a small house that's easy to clean and has room enough for our family and the things we really want. The less junk the better!

NOT included as 'junk' things I really use-- some of my favorite garden tools, and so far I'm still hanging on to some art and embroidery supplies and extra kitchen things--but less than I used to have. Even hubby has downsized his tools and computer junk the past few moves.

My favorite places to get rid of junk-- if I want to sell it. Sold my homeschool curriculum and some old canning stuff that way.

Freecycle if I just want it to disappear

Thrift Stores--if I feel like driving it places.

Rummages sales--if someone else is going to be with me to do it--I do not do these much, last time I did one alone I got the creeps from some of the customers and decided it was safer to skip this idea.

so today was a sort of cloudy/overcast day and I'm home and got some things done-- but I'm most happy with the dejunking job in my bedroom. :)

Space costs money. It saves money when you have space that isn't gummed up with junk.


  1. Thanks for this post...I am planning a total clean out in my bathroom this Saturday...first thing in the morning! I can hardly wait!!! I try and be as minimalistic as possible...I like wide open spaces...moving more toward a MODERN feel the older I get! Feng Shui.

  2. yes--that is the way I am getting too.I like to have plants, but I'm kind of done with 'excess' stuff in the house. I like a small house without clutter these days.
    The freecycle worked great. I had 4 loads of stuff taken yesterday by 4 folks who all turned up as scheduled and were pleased to get my junk. :)