Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our New Privacy Patio Screen for Renters and Raffia to repair old Wicker.

Our new privacy screen is nearly finished. The first panel is in place and hubby is nearly done making a second panel. He decided to make two 6 foot long free standing panels, I would like two more--I can think of places to use them--but two will do the main job nicely. The budget for this so far was just under $100 but we need a couple more 2x4s so it will go a wee tad over that. I love the new screen! If I walk out to the street I can see that two panels will definately block the view of our little carport/patio and of our pool so I can wear my swim suit without fear of neighbors getting an eyeful and we can sit out on our patio and just enjoy the birds and flowers and a feeling of being secluded. The panels are free standing and the support he made is very good, they aren't likely to fall over at all, unless there are some very substantial winds--which generally here there are not. We do get wind, but it is usually mild. These are great for renters! We can move them around anyplace we need screening and take them with us when we move and use them for some other purpose. They aren't attached to the house so they won't upset the landlord or become his property. Jeff made ours from scratch, I think you could make them with ready made fence panels too, but that would cost substantially more money. A ready made privacy screen I saw made of resin sells for about twice what this cost us to make. I like the wood better. We used the treated wood.I don't plan to stain or paint it this year--maybe next year, we'll see...

I think the 2nd panel will be finished today, so our patio project will be nearly done. My homemade patio lights idea--I am considering scrapping. I may just purchase some lighting instead. Its a bit fussy to attach flowers to each light in a string of christmas lights--and I saw that Walmart had a nice set I liked better. Though really I may want different colors--so this part of the project is temporarily back to the drawing board. I started to paint our old metal patio set pink--which the guys are objecting to--but I like it. I think we will finish up with pink--we'll see.

I repaired the 2nd hand wicker bookcase/plant stand that I got at the thrift store using 'raffia' I just took a small crochet hook and used it to help me weave raffia around the trim pieces of the wicker that were broken. I then painted the entire piece a pretty yellow. It looks very nice. Right now it is on the patio where I think I will use it, though actually there's a spot it would be perfect for in my kitchen too--or even in the living room. I like it fine. It is older, and it was a very frugal little buy. It is possible to buy cane to do wicker repair too--but this piece didn't really need that much fixing and I thought raffia, since I already had it would do fine. It did.

Eventually I think I'd like to get a new patio set--but reparing and repainting the old one saves us money and that's what we're trying to do so we can again own our own house. I keep on repairing and repainting my party bird feeder too. Semi-frugal is the way to go for us.


  1. Oh...the privacy screen looks great!!! I wonder if I could make somethinglike this...only mine would have to be solid all the way know...I have one tetherball pole that my Dad set in concrete in a tire...I wonder if I could just make another one of these and then use canvas to sew a 6 ft high x 8 ft long peice of fabric fence to run between the two??? I could remove the fabric in case of a hurricane, and the poles wouldn't go anywhere in a storm! Could be interesting!!!
    These will be so great for you guys!!! Tell your husband how wonderful he is!!! You are one lucky girl!

  2. thanks, actually he was saying if he had it to do again he would not have used the lattice--just made it all solid--more private. i think it is nice as is though. Have you seen the bamboo 'fencing' they sell in rolls? that might work better than canvas. Just a thought.