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Friday, April 4, 2008

Out My Window, Cool Again..

The hardest thing this spring has been being patient for the temperature to get warm and STAY warm, and hoping it won't just go from cool to HOT, but that there will be a nice interlude of constant warmth in between. This morning it is 42 and we are expecting more rain. We've had enough rain lately that our lakes are almost back up to pre-drought levels so that's wonderful! They have eased one of our water restrictions, we may now water our grass once a week. Well-- there really is no need to water the grass this week, God's been taking care of it.

Right now in my back yard, hopping about the freshly mowed creeping charlie and wild chives,a single robin is hunting bugs. The little Dogwood tree is prettier than yesterday, when it was prettier than the day before that... It now has many more open flowers and they appear a light pink. I love the way it seems to have changed from peach to pink, just by the quantitity of flowers opening. Very pretty! Now it matches my camellia in a pot which is still blooming, also in light pink. I don't know why the camellia didn't bloom in January like last year, but it is certainly welcome to bloom now.

Now I see the robin has a companion and both are hopping about. A curious little carolina wren has gone next door to my neighbor on the north side's garden, after poking about near my compost bins awhile. A bluebird has arrived on th scene as well as a few sparrows.

None of my new bird houses have nests in them this spring season. I don't know why.. I wonder if I should put them in the front yard? Maybe it is too busy back here with the feeder and folks working in the garage, playing basketball, that sort of thing? I know the bluebird house had a great deal of attention when it first was mounted on the side of the garage--but for some reason that attention has stopped.

There is a great variety of birds here in this garden, but not as many birds in number as my last rented houses. That is good--it costs me much less to buy seeds. ;) I believe the reason is that I now live in an established older neighborhood and many more folks feed birds, so they don't ALL come to my house alone. In my last two rented houses they were in brand new subdivisions and very few of the new homeowners were feeding birds or gardening. I think mainly because they were all young folks with little children and no time for that sort of thing.

I think I've always been one who made a little time to just 'sit' and enjoy nature. Right now there is a little red dipped house finch perched on a whirligig near the feeder and a dove in the pretty dogwood. I don't think I would like a life in which I did not take time to watch the birds.

As I gaze out my window I see also my project list for outside. Several projects waiting to be worked on! I do have today to do that--among other chores--but it is so chilly!

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