Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Out My Window

This morning a blue jay is busy in the dogwood tree, he seems to be giving his beak a good rub down a branch. The sky is slow to light up, it is overcast and we are supposed to get more rain, we had rain last night. There were some big storms heading this way when I went to bed--but really-- since I've moved here I haven't seen much that I would think of as a 'heavy storm'. I am not sure but I think maybe the mountains slow things down so that when they get this far they are not so wild. Its nearly 60 degrees just now, the 'grass' in the back is a nice bright green--by the end of summer I doubt it will have much green in it. The front yard here has grass, the back really is what I fondly call an 'herbal lawn' in other words its mainly weeds. They aren't so bad of weeds, creeping charlie mainly and chives, and something else small with little bitty white flowers, a few dandelions--not many.

I can see our old boat from here, sitting with its cover on beside the garage. We really need to take it out sometime soon, not this weekend, in this weather, maybe next week? The holly hedge looks happy with all the humid misty cool weather, it must be reminded of London, where I think plants like that may be more at home. I can hear birds chirping, but my washing machine is running so it drowns them out some. This is a sort of yuk morning for me, I am due to go have a cat scan in an hour or so and I've had to forego breakfast and coffee, so all I have for my morning solace is to look out the window and at least drink with my eyes, the quiet beauty I can see in the garden. I saw a branch rustling at the back of a yard and then a mockingbird streaked across the lawn as if he'd just been caught doing some naughty thing-- mockingbirds I am sure do naughty things when you aren't watching, as do jays.

Hubby and I have another little side project in the works-- an indoor light garden for me. This hopefully will satisfy my hankering for my own green house. I have had 2 greenhouses in the past. One met with disaster in a wind storm and the other succumbed to a tree falling upon it. These were both at houses we owned back in Wisconsin. I haven't owned a house since then so owning a green house is sort of out of the question. Out in the garage is a nice big shelf unit that I am told could be mine for plants, we will attach flourescent lights to it so I may have several shelves for plants to start. I'm thinking I will make room in our bedroom--its a large room with big windows. The plants will be convenient for me, the temperatures ideal year round for starting seeds and cuttings and it won't be 'in the way' of family life. We had first thought of it going in the garage--but I think when summer comes and I want to start pansies and such for winter-- it will be mighty hot in that garage, I'd have to be running a fan for them and watering non-stop. The house will have ac though, so it will still be perfect. We estimate that after my initial cost of lighting, which I will do as cheaply as I can, I may be paying about $120 per year for electricity to do this. We decided it was worth it for what I will get from it not just lots of plants but also the joy of gardening and growing new things all year round. My hands will never have to be far from a little dirt. :)

I am hoping also to put some sort of coldframes or a nursery bed behind the garage for rooted shrubs to grow on to a useable size. Perhaps I will then sell some of them? I think also there will be room in our bedroom for Mandevilla and her cousins to spend the winter if need be. ( I haven't got her cousins yet, still dreaming there)

A pair of doves has just lighted, one on the pool rail, one beneath the party feeder. A rufous towhee male is also beneath the feeder just now, and a robin is back by the boat hunting bugs. All this rain must please the robins, worms will be out near the surface. I love to see the little goldfinches with their spring coats on, the thistle feeder is in front of the arch trellis where the yellow jessamine is in bloom, it sometimes looks as if jessamine flowers are flying when the finches come near it. Sometimes I have to look closely to be sure their isn't a goldfinch in the jessamine flowers--they are so similarly colored.

Yesterday I noticed how great my sweet williams are growing! There were just little bits of things last summer, now they are packed with little flowers and perky as can be. The little potted azalea shrubs are getting ready to bloom now. I had four of them originally, they were each about 1.99 at homedepot. One of them died during the drought and I think it was my fault--I think somehow I forgot to water it maybe. I am pondering planting the other three here at this house and taking cuttings of them for myself.

My wire vine has made it through winter and sits on the stone bench beneath the arch trellis, it is putting out tiny new leaves, I'm so happy--I had heard they were hard to over winter, but I just left it on its spot and it did fine. I've been enjoying paging through gardening books in the evenings and just dreaming alot. I have enough ideas in mind to keep me busy for years, but of course they always end up being pared down.

I've taken most of the succulent plants outside now, they seem to like it better. I think the sunshine out there suits them. I'm kind of disappointed with my spring seed sowing ouside, its been so cool out that the seeds haven't really taken off like I was hoping. That is what got Jeff and I talking about seeds growing underlights again. It isn't so cold in Carolina that you CAN'T start seeds outside, its just that I think I will be better to give them a good headstart under lights first, and it will be more pleasant for me to putter with them in my house than in the elements. I am not a great lover of cold and excess heat--I'm sort of arthritic-and I overheat too. ;) Still I will faithfully water my established plants all summer, that I don't mind at all. Watering to me is a relaxing sort of meditative time in the garden. I love to be out just before dawn with my hose and my cans and just think of how many people have loved gardens in the early morning, including the Lord Jesus, who would go out before the dawn and pray privately in a garden. The world began in a garden-- how could it have been any other way?


  1. What a beautiful brought tears to my eyes!