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Friday, April 11, 2008

Out the Window

Last night I cut some fresh chives to mix with cottage cheese for a topping on some little potatoes. Its a favorite side dish here. In the photo I'm posting is my golden comfrey which has come back from last year in the pot I put it in when we moved here. In the garden last year it was far far bigger, and I expect it will be again. It is just getting ready to bloom the first time this season.

I'm watching a brown thrasher's antics on the lawn. If you've ever seen a brown thrasher, you know why it is called a thrasher. They are always thrashing, they thrash the lawn with their beaks in search of whatever it is they are in search of. When they take baths they thrash the water too.

Last night as I sat relaxing I heard a bit of bird song and looked out my living room window to see a robin on a shrub giving his evening song.I love the way the birds sing just before dawn, and just after dusk, and all day long just about in between. I don't think you can ever go outside in our neighborhood and NOT hear any birds.

In the dogwood just now is the thrasher I spoke of a moment ago, also several sparrows and finches have been in the tree and out of it. I have decide the dogwood must be a wild cultivar. There are a few in the front yard too--scragglier ones. In my walks about the neighborhood I've seen other dogwoods but the blooms are much bigger. There are some older ones like ours too. I think the fancy ones are a little bit vulgar really if you look closely at them--not so nuanced in color as the wild one. The one in our yard has blushes of peach and pink, and very subtle shadows of yellowy green at times. The petals are not so big but they are incredibly pretty up close. Of course from a distance they do not make such a big splash as the hybrid types.

We had a very warm day yesterday I think it must have got near 80, the warmest this spring. The net week will be mainly 70sish.. But there is a chance for some frost --'possibly' late monday or tuesday, of course you really never know the weather report always evolves and changes. It really seems more like a weather guess than anything. In any case, its lovely here.

Now I can see a pretty dove in the tree and a robin. It is almost as if the birds take turns posing amidst the flowers. When the red cardinal is there, he makes quite a picture, as do the blue jays. The jays rarely stay long however, you barely see their pose and they are off again.

My rosey red azalea blooms have opened this morning, the white buds on the other are getting bigger. In the neighborhood the older azaleas are just incredible. Someone has a large yellow type shrub--it is just breathtaking. I love my walks this time of year!

Our neighborhood is fairly big, all tree lined streets that wind about. I don't think I've seen the entire thing yet. I take a compass when I go walking because otherwise I'm sure I'd get lost. Yesterday I stopped and checked my compass and kept myself from making a wrong turn. I was amazed that I was close to home though I had not even realized it! My compass goes in my purse when I am out driving in Charlotte. I have not stopped getting lost yet--been here about a year and a half now, but it is a big city. I do know some streets well enough now that if I just have my compass with me I can find my way home when I make a wrong turn in heavy traffic. I've gotten a bit of a feel for Charlotte now--but don't have every street in my mind yet--probably never will.

Yesterday morning I saw what I think was a very pregnant female rufous towhee--I'm not sure when they breed, but she certainly looked 'with egg'. I have not seen the little juncos lately so I think it is time to put out the humming bird feeders--that's my 'sign'. When the juncos go, the hummers come. ;)

So this weekend I am planting and planting, and putting up my hummer feeders, and building a new bed. I also want to sort out what to do with my collection of caladiums and cannas and elephant ears--I want to use them under some trees in the front yard and in the bigger bed in the back yard. Also in pots.

I am hoping also that hubby will get busy and make our new privacy screen for the patio as we are beginning to use it now--and will soon want to be dipping in our pool--so I would like that secluded feeling now. :)

Well of to work I go today--but I have the whole weekend off! :)


  1. You live in an idyllic world...tree lined streets filled with beautiful birds! You are funny with your compass...sounds like you really need a GPS!!! LOL. I love reading your "Out the Window" posts!

  2. thanks Julie--I love looking out the window. In the past 4 places I've lived I've managed to put a little bird garden in a place where I could se it from where I would write in the morning--usually outside the kitchen. Every morning the first thing I do when I have a free moment is sit and look and watch the birds with my coffee and write. :) This place has more variety of birds than anyplace we've lived. Still--it isn't really 'idillic', its sort of a 'apart'. The big huge noisy city is all right here too-- but this neihborhood is sort of a place apart even though it is right off one of the main drags of Charlotte. Its funny to sometimes here sirens and helicopter noises mixed in with the bird song. Surreal.