Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Over the Fence A Sunday in Mid April

This morning hubby and I took a nice walk together and looked at ther river and woods and houses and flowers in the neighborhood. Very nice! We listened to the birds. A little nuthatch and a mockingbird favored us with special songs along our walk, of course there were quite a few other birds chirping and singing too and a couple of hawks crying. Later on He puttered in the garage while I planted out my tomatos, peppers and one eggplant. While I was out there I chatted with the neighbor and we traded some onion sets for seeds and he gave me his lime bucket over the fence and instructed me to put a scoop of lime in the hole with each tomato plant to prevent blossom end rot. He says it works for him. He also suggested I trim a tree behind my garden to minimize the shade there. So.... hubby got the tree pruning tool out of the top of the garage for me and I cut all I could then hubby and son pitched in and finished the pruning excercise just before it began to rain.

Now I am sitting here with my laptop beneath the awning of the carport/patio and typing and enjoying a nice 66' afternoon as the rain is beginning to fall just in time to water my plants in well.

In bloom right now-- potted Azaleas, Sweet William and my golden comfrey--in the pot with the purple flowers in the photo above. I have lots of plants still sitting on the patio ready to be planted and lots of seeds. I sorted my seed collection by 'season' because here in North Carolina there's more than one growing season. I am planting warm season crops right now mainly, in the fall I can plant cool season crops. I'm also going to try cilantro--which I understood was a cool season grower here-- but my neighbor over the fence says he grows his all summer. So ok... here goes.

Over the fence today, I got some bunching onion seeds and some lime and lots of advice on making crispy pickles. I was also admonished to let my 'grown boys' do more of my yard work as I take it neighbor thinks I'm doing a bit more than I should. :) Well--- yah.. I like yard work though.. but he does have a point. Where're those boys??


  1. The most we ever got out of a boy was to move the grass each week during growing season, as they were growing up! We had 3 boys, and this was the one thing my husband insisted on from about 15 years old and up. Everything else was done by us...but as you say, it has to do with liking it ourselves!!!

  2. Well.. mine do help when I ask--but sometimes you have to wait and I just want to get it done you know, so I have it nearly done before I get the help.