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Monday, April 14, 2008

Over the Fence

I had a lovely Sunday! I was planning to do some seed sowing but got sidetracked by a visit over the fence with my neighbor on the north side. He is an older gentleman who has a beautiful garden. He was out weeding his beds and getting them ready for planting veggies next weekend. We had a nice chat which ended with his digging up some rose of sharon & violets and passing them to my waiting arms over the fence. :) I love gardeners! Have you ever meet such generous folk?

I took the rose of sharon by wheel barrow to the fence on my south side and began to dig the ground there to replant them. I found that a previous person in this house had staked metal fencing to the ground there and it had been grown over with weedy ground covers. So before I could plant I had to tear out a big section of this metal fencing. It was a job--I think this stuff had to be in the ground for years and years, it came apart some and I had to do alot of tugging. I put all the pieces of it in a trash can and then began to 'clear' an area big enough to plant 4 new Rose of Sharon Shrubs along the south fence, next to that neighbors forsythia shrubs--which I hope he won't really take down as he said he planned to.

All that work was tough on my back as I haven't been digging much lately, so I'm a tad stiff this morning, and it has gotten cool too suddenly which doesn't help. I'll loosen up again by the time it warms up again. ;)

While I was fighting with that fencing, hubby and son were finishing up the 2nd part of our new privacy screen and were just putting it in place when I was ready to sit down and rest. We all sat down and watched the birds from our little carport patio. I tidied up my little bird garden and the patio too. After the guys went back in the house I sat a while longer watching the sun descend behind tall trees to the north west, as it began to rain and the birds continued to visit the little dogwood and the feeder and bath. The sky was a glorious deep blue gray behind all the spring green trees, it was just heavenly! The carport/patio has a metal awning over it so the rain didn't bother me at all, and I just enjoyed the little haven we have created here by myself for a little while before going back in the house myself.

I am giving thought to what among my plants would be a good gift to pass over the fence in return for the blessing I was given. The rose of sharon plants will grow very tall and flower much of the summer in pinks and blues and reds and lavendar. Lovely! A freind had given me a handful of smaller ones when I first moved to Charlotte--but when we left the first house we rented here, somehow I neglected to bring them along! So this was wonderful, these are bigger too. I also found out that If I want more of them there are several growing on my side of the north fence in among my holly hedge, they may be tricky to dig up though. Holly can be a mean thing if you get too close to it.

My neighbor told me where the woman before me had her vegetables and that the ground should be soft there and encouraged me to dig a bit of it for a small veggie patch. I am not sure about that--its a part of the yard I had thought of digging-- but had decided not to as I know my sons throw the football there sometimes and I already have other places I've been busy with, I'm not sure I need a veggie patch this year. We shall see. I think I have probably got enough to keep me busy with 2 beds in front and now 3 in back--for flowers and such.

The yard was in neglectful state when we moved in, and all those areas are a little battle to fight. The wire fencing in the bed along the fence was tough to pull. The broken up brick and cement in the bed along the west side was a heavy chore that my boys did for me. The bed in the front yard on the east side is just full of fire ants--and I want to put shade plants in there--so I will have to deal with the ants as I do it. The bed under the shrubs by the front porch are covered in old old landscape fabric--which is now under mulch--that too will pose a challenge. All this needs to be tackled and planted before the heat comes--so perhaps a veggie bed can wait til next year--if we be here still, and Pokeberry Garden hasn't moved yet again.

My goal is just to have a pretty place to come home to and rest after work for hubby and I. I also want to propagate more plants so that when we move to our own house we can take along starts for a garden in our very own house. Veggies are great--I love a fresh veggie, but-- there's a limit to what I can do.

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