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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scavengers Soup- Tacos & Veggie Soup

This morning, after I took a nice long walk and got my wash and dishes going, I did a fridge clean out/sort. The perfect time to throw together a 'scavenger's soup'. I finally cut up, vacuum sealed and froze the big pack of mozarella I had in there from my last Sam's club trip. I wiped out the little compartments, and I sorted the leftovers into

1. Cut up for soup
2. Prep for dinner or lunch today
3. Keep a little longer
4. Time for the compost bin.
*I keep a larg sized plastic coffee container with lid under my sink for coffee grounds and veggie scraps. Whenever its full I take it out to my compost bin. Sadly today I found I had several moldy tomatoes that got missed, those went in the coffee can with cabbage and potato peels, coffe grounds and orange rinds

For today's soup I used
leftovers of: taco meat, ground beef (browned & drained first) chopped red onion and bell pepper, salsa,cooked whole corn,

And fridge/pantry findings of:
Fresh/or nearly fresh: 1/2 a small cabbage, 4 or 5 diced potatos that had begun to sprout, (I checked for firmness and peeled them) chopped up baby carrots and celry, a small can of garbanzo beans,a small can of tomatoes, a large bottle of V-8 juice that I had gotten a deal on with coupons/sale using Grocery Game. I also filled the bottle with water and added that to the soup as well. some Tones Beef soup base-- I measured out an approximate amount to make my soup brothy. A few bay leaves, sprinkles of rosemary, a small handful of thyme, Kosher salt and pepper. A little sugar to 'cut the acid' of the tomatoes. I'm going to toss in a couple of handfuls of chopped cilantro when the soup is about 30 minutes to done.

I can't say what exact measures of any of this is-The taco meat/ground beef was a bit less than a pound I think. -leftovers aren't an exact science--but I've got a nice stock pot full of a great looking, healthy eating, and awesome smelling concoction going on in here, and I think it almost has to taste good. It may need just a bit of spice tweaking when its done.

We have a little bit of leftover homemade tortilla chips in a ziplock that might be good crumbled on top the soup--or maybe a tad of leftover cheddar or pepper jack shredded on top? I saw small squares of those in the fridge too.

Meanwhile I have avoided a run to the grocery store on a day when I have much better things to do. :) I've also got some flank steak ready for dinner and some little potatoes and a bit of brocoli and baby carrots that didn't go in the soup. The very few items I need at the store in the next few days I can probably send one of my sons to get or pick up on the way home from work.

I love so much to save time, money and stress by just doing a little scavenger soup Fridge Clean out. A semi-frugal favorite!

For dinner we're having our flank Steak with some grilling spices--probably I'll broil it in the house though. We'll have some small potatoes, baby carrots and brocoli all cooked in ziplock steaming bags. I will probably do these in separate bags and then combine the brocoli and carrots in one dish and leave the potatoes separate. I'll likely just cook them with a very small amount of olive oil and some Mrs. Dash seasonings or possibly kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. The ziplock steam bags always make great veggie dishes for me--I really love the ease of use for these things. I save my coupons and try to get them on sale--but being semi-frugal I'll splurge too. They are great little simplifiers in the kitchen.


  1. Yumm! Its good-- It is best with the crumpled up tortilla chips though-- adds just the right touch!

  2. This soup sounds and looks deliscious! Great idea to empty out refridge...I am going to do that tomorrow in the crock pot!!!