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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sore Throat Tea

I had a wonderful weekend, it was so nice and warm Saturday, we did lots of yardwork-- thinned out some 'bird planted' saplings and shrubs to make room for a nice 'island' planting. I potted up several pots of flowers.. it was so nice. Hubby and I took a nice walk and in the evening we finished it all up with a dip in our pool--first dip of the season!

Sunday I woke up with a very sore throat. :( Incredible! I went all through the cold and flu season without this, and folks all around me had come down with 'real flu' I mean really got sick, and here I am home sick today when the season should be over!!

Ah well. I know how this usually goes--you take all that over the counter stuff and it dries you out, makes it hard to sleep and you find you can 'kind of' function, but you don't get really better. This time I thought, I'm just not going that route.

I made myself some tea that I thought might really help. I took my little glass pitcher, put in two black tea bags--some were lipton, some were the brand they sell at Aldi-- no matter. I used my handly little zesting gadget to get some zest from half and orange, then squeezed the juice into my tea, I added a little squirt of honey and then the 'power' a nice sprinkle of cayenne pepper powder.

I heated this whole concoction up in the microwave and have been adding to it as I finish cups. I've had a good 6 cups or so now since last night. The tea has a pleasant taste and contains vitamin c from the oranges, orange and honey flavor and the burning kicke of the cayenne is amazingly soothing on my throat. It also seems to make my whole body feel a little better. I haven't been taking much of anything drugwise except the RXs I usually take.

Cayenne Pepper is a wonder drug. Because it 'burns' you get the idea it might upset places that are sore-- not true! It truly soothes and helps to heal. Good Stuff!

In an old book on natural foods and home remedies by Jethro Kloss, Back To Eden, the author claims that taking cayenne in a capsule or by the teaspoon full mixed with other things will actually stop a cold. I am not personally up for eating a teaspoon of cayenne--but I will say that a sprinkle of it in tea or chicken soup is a truly useful home remedy. Great semi frugal thing too--cuz-- cold meds these days are extremely spendy. I think pill for pill I could buy illegal drugs more cheaply-- not that I would--but wow. Things don't get cheaper in time usually. Cayenne however--you can grow in your garden!!

I have a cayenne plant in mine. One cayenne plant at harvest time will supply years worth of cayenee powder! My current cayenne stock is store bought, but I have used homegrown in the past.

TIP-- if you plan to dry cayenne peppers and grind them into a powder-- do your grinding OUTSIDE. NEVER GRIND HOT PEPPERS IN THE HOUSE-- TRUST ME! You will find out what 'pepper spray' is all about. ;)

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