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Friday, May 9, 2008

Fajita Dinner-- ready at Breakfast Time!

On Monday I was at Aldi and got a really good deal on some red, yellow and green bell peppers and some tomatos.

On Tuesday I was grilling chicken,and decided to put a couple of the red peppers on the grill with our dinner to roast them. I took those peppers and froze them for use later by just popping them in a zip top bag. Roasted red peppers can come in handy later.

On Wednsday I needed to get a hair cut and pick up a prescription, since I was right in the shopping center I also went to picked up some fresh tilapia fish on sale, I also grabbed some saled priced townhouse crackers to make breading and small jars of the store brand sweet pickle relish and mayonaise. I plan to have breaded fish with tartar sauce and coleslaw on Saturday. I have a small cabbage in the fridge to use for the slaw. When I got home I made a big batch of salsa using the Aldi tomatos and one of the bells. I put that in the fridge for a meal later in the week. I work on Wednsday night so I left the cooking to my hubby for that night-- he and I share the kitchen which works wonderfully. :)

On Thursday morning I cut up some peppers and put them in a ziplock for an asian stirfry, I also put some in a bag for a fajita meal. I then parboiled some brocoli, I just cut up the brocoli and brought a sauce pan of water to boil, then boiled the brocoli for just 2 minutes using a timer. While it was boiling I prepared a little bowl of water and ice. When the timer went off I scooped my brocoli out of the pan and dumped it in the ice water. It cooled quickly and then I put it in a bag in the fridge for brocoli/pepper asian stir fry. I chopped up some chicken and put some in a bag with asian seasonings and some in a bag with fajita spices. Thursday night we had an asian stir fry with rice made in the rice cooker, using the brocoli and one bag of peppers and some canned water chestnuts.

Today is Friday--I work all day today, but as I am leaving everything is ready for tonite. I quick made some spanish rice from a store bought mix this morning while I was having my coffee. I also cut up some corn tortilla shells and bagged them to be fried tonite. Hubby is cooking tonite cuz he gets home first. But he will find all he needs is ready and waiting. There's a bag of marinating fajita chicken, a bag of colorful peppers and red onion cut in strips, a container of homemade yummy salsa, a container of spanish rice and a bags of shredded cheese and homemade tortilla chips. All he needs to heat and eat. :) When I come home from a long busy day my dinner will be ready to eat!

Saturday we'll have that fish I got on Wednsday, I popped it in the freezer, I'll take it out to thaw in the fridge now, so it will be ready to bread with crackers and flour and I'll just mix up some homemade coleslaw and tartar sauce in the morning and we'll likely have it with french fries.

Sunday we'll probably grill out again-- we'll make some extra chicken to use in lunches.

Around here we often have meals that are BETTER than restaurant food, for much less and with a little diligence made in 'bits and peices' ahead of time-- they are not hard to do. How hard is it to make a side dish before you go to work in the morning?
Not at all. ;) I am finding every little thing you do ahead makes a difference.


  1. What a good idea to make the side dishes in the morning...and when cooking meat make enough for the week! I like that! Gonna try it next week! Thanks!

  2. Thank you Julie- you are a peach to be always checking up on me. You'll be happy to know this-- my new boss saw my blogs today and wants me to make blog for our library branch, as a 'job' at work. :) mary