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Monday, May 26, 2008

A few Clothes line Tips

I've learned a few things about line drying over the years and thought I'd post them..

1. Make it easy on yourself. Keep the clothesline within close walking distance of your house. Also-- If you want an easy to use system, get some clothesline pulleys and line separators, mine are just plastic, I also have a little gadget that you pull on to tighten the line. I stand in one place and my laundry moves along on the pulley--easy to get the job done! Also since I'm renting I have the line running between the garage and a tree--the pulley near the tree is attached by a bungie cord so it will not damage the tree and I didn't have to invest any $$$ in buying posts or other things to hang my lines. I can also take the lines down if I want to easily--but I like to leave them up usually to encourage me to use them often.

2. Put your clothes out to dry in the morning. Almost every thing is best done in the morning it seems. You get a jump on the day, the clothes are dry long before the day starts to get cooler. You can get more loads done if you need to, and you never have damp things left in the evening.

3. Take it all in before nightfall. I never leave clothes outside after dusk. It just makes them susceptible to getting musty smelling--yuk!

4. Use liquid fabric softener in the wash. I use a 'downy ball' for my fabric softener so I can put it in the washer with the clothes. I don't use it for towels or sheets usually, just clothes.

5. Towels and Jeans-- towels and jeans are notorious for getting stiff when line dried. Solution--bring them and run them in the dryer after they are dry--just for a few minutes. This fluffs them up and makes the towels more absorbent too.

6. Save room on the line. You do not have to hang your things perfectly straight in a row. I used to do that-- you can see in the photo some of what I hung was done that way, but I have learned a better idea. Let things droop a bit, move the clothespins closer together. This way you can usually fit one or two more things at least on the line with the space you saved and it doesn't hurt a thing.

7. Bleach your clothespins when needed-- sometimes wooden clothespins get mildewy-- I just soak them in water with a little bleach in it. That brightens them up just like new again. I've had the same pins for almost 10 years and most of them look like new, a few could use a soaking though. ;)

8.Think of the benefits not the difficulties! Every time I hang a load to dry I tell myself 'atta girl' look, you're saving electricity (my dryer is electric) AND you're getting excercise, And you're getting your Vitamin D (from the sunshine) What could be more semi-frugal than this little chore? Some folks go to the gym before work, or take a jog-- if I choose to use that time instead to get a jump on house & garden chores-- I'm still getting excercise aren't I? One load hung up in the morning before work, done by the time you get home, how hard is that?


  1. You go girl. I have a solar clothes dryer too. And I use it. I feel very virtuous.

    I prefer plastic clothes pins for the mildew reason. I just bought some "industrial strength" ones from Wal-Mart for the bigger items. The worst? Fitted sheets. I just drape them over the lawn chairs now.

    Robin at Bumblebee

  2. I don't see a contact address for you so I have to post this. I'm actually not in Charlotte. I'm in Calvert County, Maryland.

    BTW, I love the category "free exercise."

    Robin at Bumblebee

  3. oh-- I thought you were in Charlotte cuz I found a link to your blog that said Charlotte someplace--I'll change that. Welcome to Pokeberry! I love the pix of your garden on your blog--wow! I'm so impressed, mine is all made of things 'on hand' no pretty wood beds, but I do have some old bricks I'm trying to knock the mortar off of. ;) mary