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Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Full Circle Journey? Musing...

When hubby and I got married, he was working on gas rigs in Oklahoma as a rough neck. He was the guy who climbed the tower and guided the pipe into the hole. The derrick hand. We started out our wedded life with a nice wedding in Wisconsin and then hit the road in our shiny fire engine red pick up truck, with a cap and hand sewn red gingham curtains for privacy; two zip together sleeping bags and some wedding presents. (ah youth)Not long after we found out that you can't really live in a truck and ended up in a rented single wide mobile home--a really OLD mobile. I made curtains from sheets and we stuck a board in the couch-- the trailer was 'furnished' aka-- full of junk.

I did fix it up and make it a home for us and about a year later we welcomed baby number one to a little nursery room in that same trailer.

What's funny is, baby number one was the catalyst that got us moving again. We went back up to Wisconsin and there spent many years. Hubby got an education and climbed the carreer ladder and we eventually bought three houses, each one nicer and bigger than the one before.

After 9-11, there was an economic downfall of some kind. It hit us the following spring. For 3 years our income averaged about 75% less than it used to be. Obviously NOT enough to support to house number three or the loan of our conversion van. Foreclosure threatened. We sold the house and left the Wisconsin and have been renting ever since.

We never feel 'secure' anymore. Its just a thing I think that happens. You can't trust that your company is going to take care of you. That's what we learned. We feel we must be careful that we have some place to live and means to survive should we again be 'poor' someday.

With about 15 years til retirement age, we think its time to be serious about taking steps to make sure we aren't in over our heads when that time comes.

The funny thing is in this journey into and out of debt and home ownership etc... We seem to be contemplating things like we did back at square one. Maybe a mobile home??



  1. I used to own a 4 bdr. 2 bth double wide mobile home, and it was the best home I ever had! I loved the layout of it, the payments were affordable, I washed it with the hose (on the outside), put up a chain link fence in the backyard area, and attached a screenroom to the front, planted a small garden. My son was born and spent his first 6 years in that place. My best friend at the time worked in the same field as I did, and our two sons went to the same pre-school...we lived right next door to each other. I have happy memories of my mobile home...I still remember it fondly! BTW, I sold it for about 3 imes more than I paid for it! Amazing! Oh...and another happy memory son and I used to walk our pet guinea pig up to the pool on his little leash, and we were the talk of the town! LOL.

  2. that's funny. I have often wanted to get leashes for our parrots. I always think they would look cute taking walks. But--- I worry about hawks.

    (always the mom) :) Mary

  3. The parrots would be so cute on leashes!!! Maybe just for indoor pics tho!!!

  4. I think so too, but hubby keeps telling me they'd be little green lunch for the neighborhood hawks.

    I don't suppose they could take very long walks anyhow. ;)