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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Out My Window, May 21 08, New Grandbaby Coming!

Well things are green as can be this morning, the sky is a clear pretty blue. We had storms last night, lots of rain. :) A good thing.

Hubby & I have been watching a pair of Brown Thrashers that are nesting near our driveway. They must have a nest full of hungry babies because they are constantly hunting for worms or bugs, going back and forth between the shrub where they have their nest and our garden and yard. One of them perches atop the arch trellis frequently to look around before going back to his nest.

In the house, Sweet Pea, our quaker parakeet has learned from Bubba the moustache parakeet how to hold treats in his claw. That's so cute! He is also trying to weave a nest with colored raffia. He's been busy twisting the raffia and weaving it throught the cage bars. It isn't very impressive yet, this being his first attempt. He will be 3 years old this summer, I suppose instincts are kicking in and he must weave.

Well lots of nesting going on-- My youngest fledgling moved home this week, so we now have three of our four kids at home again. They intend to go to school. One started school yesterday, I hope the other two will be in classes this fall.

We had some amazing news from our oldest son who lives awfully far away in Washington state. We are going to be grandparents! Our first grand baby will be coming along sometime next winter--no details yet--but wow! I'm pretty excited.

Lots of bird bath action this morning. I changed the water about an hour ago and it now looks like red clay thanks to the robins and catbirds that have been bathing here again. We've been visited by at least two hummingbirds so far this week, so I hope there will be more soon.

My veggie garden is taking off, everything has come up nicely except my zuchini--not sure what happened there. I guess I'll replant with different seeds. I dug an empty milk bottle into the ground near one tomato, as I get more empty ones I will do the same next to all the tomatos. This way I can be sure that I am watering the tomatoes enough. I put the mulch up near the mouth of the jug so you don't see it. I don't lke the garden to look as if its full of recycled plastic stuff, but recycled plastic stuff can be quite handy. ;)

So much to do lately! I'm still having some health issues and will be having more tests, one is tomorrow. Oh boy. but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I am loving this long coolish spring here in Charlotte this year--its been absolutely amazing. Temps have been around 60/70s most of this month, with some low 80s sprinkled in there. Usually Charlotte averages 80s in May, so this has been great. We have used our pool somewhat, it stands ready for more heavy use in summer, especially with so many young folks in the house. I am a happy camper here!

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  1. Oh congratulations on the great news!!! Very exciting!!! Sounds like you have a busy house there!!!