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Monday, May 12, 2008

Out My Window, Monday in May

Well, I am trying to coffee myself into going to work this morning. I spent much of my weekend just plain sick. I had a cold that didn't just go away and ended up getting some antibiotics--which for some reason it seems I got even worse after I started taking them. :(

Ah well. Mother's Day the kids that live here were sick and hubby too--though I think I was probably the worst. I woke to a double sink full of dishes! LOL.


Anyhow I am looking out the window at my Mom's day gifts-- one is a new thistle feeder that looks kind of like a jelly fish or something. I had a lovely wooden feeder that was given to me at Christmas but sadly it didn't last through the winter. This one has a plastic protective dome on top that is partly clear--thus looking like that sort of blobby thing you find on beaches in florida-- the jelly fish. Under neat it has two sock style finch feeders which are long and squiggly so they look sort of like jelly fish tentacles-- or maybe its some sort of 'mother ship'. I dunno... but the finches like it and that is what matters. ;)

I also have two very pretty hanging baskets of bright pink geraniums that will take the summer well. I love geraniums for that! They just don't give up.

I've hung up 5 little hummingbird feeders too in the garden behind the carport/patio. It looks like a birdy wonderland, and it is.

Back in the veggie garden my tomatos have nice wooden stakes standing behind them and are growing nicely. I've used a bit of sevin dust on the peppers, eggplant and beans--I applied it with an old flour sifter--worked great! The plants were being attacked by something in bug land--I don't know what it was--but I think the sevin will get it. I was not feeling well the past couple weeks so I didn't have time to really 'study' what bug it was, I just decided to dose it--not my usual style--but sometimes one must simply get it done.

I am concerned about the nests just south of my driveway along the fence in the shrubs. I know that a pair of brown thrashers are nesting there and a pair of cardinals. This morning I chased a kitty away that I saw sitting very near their shrubs-I hope the deed has not been done--and that the nests will survive, but there are truly an awful lot of kittys around here and hawks as well. On the bright side--there are far more song birds than anything else.

Well it is a nice blue sky, cool morning in Charlotte-- beautiful spring day coming again! Birds singing all around --as usual. :)


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