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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Out My Window, Saturday in May 2008

Well I'm planning to go back to my job this morning, I'm feeling somewhat better. Hubby has succumbed and got up early only to go lie down on the couch where his snoring is blending in with all the bird song outside.

Its 60 degrees right now at a little after 6 am. I had my windows open last night so I was awakened by bird song. Just about 6 there was a huge increase in birds singing outside, I think there must have been a hundred individual bird's singing a variety of songs all at once. It was like a burst of singing. I'm sure there were some already singing earlier than that, they start in sometimes as early as 4. It just somehow built to a point where everybody was doing it just about the time I needed to be getting up. I'm glad, cuz I didn't think to set an alarm and I may have overslept. I'm still not feeling 100% well, but I am much better.

Yesterday hubby and I went for a drive, he took a day off. We wanted to see what kind of houses might be built along the Catawba river in South Carolina. We stayed within an hour of Charlotte and just drove about on the little roads near the river. I got tired and we headed home after a few hours, and we had a nice lunch at Applebees too, hubby had a gift card in his wallet that paid for most of that.

He was already beginning to feel sick, sore throat, like I had when it started. So a short trip was enough for both of us. We saw that 'lake houses' along the Catawba varied greatly from pricey big brand new to total cluster of shacks and old delapidated trailers. Interesting.

I've been looking at Mobile Homes for sale on Criag's list recently. We've decided not to rule those out anymore in our search for a place to call our own without bank financing. We don't want to live in a trailer park--that's out. We would consider though a mobile that is parked on a private piece of land within driving distance of our jobs. There are a couple that we'll try to drive out and see tomorrow. We're not sure we want to buy yet--but we are looking.

I really love where we live now. But we know that this neighborhood is probably out of reach for us if we stick to our goals.

We want to own our own home, not be renting or paying mortgage payments longer than just a few years. We are too old at this time in our lives to be thinking of 30 year mortgages, or even 15 year mortgages we think. For a long time we didn't think of mobiles because we figured the depreciation was too high. Now we are looking at them because we have another idea.

What if we bought a piece of land with a mobile on it--and then perhaps built our own home on that land--or maybe just live in that mobile contentedly, keeping it in repair, maybe adding on to it.

Do we need our home to make money for us after we are dead? Or do we really only need it to be 'PAID FOR' and livable for us?

So with that in mind a new market is before us to explore some. No decisions yet. We are comfortable with a small house. We do need a garage, but can build our own.

Another consideration is taxes. Mecklenberg county where we live now, in North Carolina has very high taxes, South Carolina--which is very close to our workplaces is significantly lower taxed and has breaks for senior citizens as well. They also have education breaks for the kids. So South Carolina is also under consideration for us. We're just thinking it all through, learning what we can.

I'll write about things I find out that might interest any other semi-frugal folks out there who might happen to stop by someday. :)

Well, time for me to get a move on so I can make it to work. :)

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