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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Out My Window, Somebody Looking In!

Well I was just going to write about the lovely Robin splashing going on in the rain outside. There are several Robins and I think their babies, enjoying a light shower, with plenty of wing fluttering. I tried to get a photo but as usual, the birds don't sit still for me up close and my camera is not so good with distance.

When I came back in I found a bright red cardinal perched on an outside window sill looking in the window at me! That's a new sight.

Its just stopped drizzling out and the birds are all about the yard and garden now enjoying a late breakfast and lots of calling and chirping. Currently a little titmouse is pecking at the party feeder. Yesterday a downy woodpecker visited the feeder. He has been busy hammering at the aluminum drain pipes on the house lately. All over the neighborhood you can hear wood peckers pecking on aluminum. I think they like the sound. My son says the ladies must think its 'hot'. They do make a good noise though I don't think they produce much in the way of a meal or a nest hole.

My houseplants are all outside now for summer, except my african violets and my orchids--they are staying in. I'm sure they could go out in the 'right spot' but I want them with me. :) I'm selfish that way.

Right now 2 of the orchids are blooming and are just so pretty. They are the bright spot in my living room.

Well we are considering a mobile home on an acre of land. Its tough to make this decision, we just found out there may be better deals out there which is encouraging to us--but also means we may need to do a bit more homework.

I think-- we didn't consider mobiles in the past--but now I'm thinking--why? We could actually have them paid for upfront or soon after. We're also mainly looking at South Carolina. I've gotten comfy in Charlotte but Charlotte is expensive--taxes are higher etc. South Carolina has crazy low taxes. Of course there is a reason for that--they don't have much in SC-- except lots of trees and wonderful weather. ;)

Well we shall see.

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