Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Owly Evening Memorial Weekend 08

last night after a long enjoyable day hubby and I sat down for a while to relax at our carport/patio. Hubby's idea of making portable patio fencing was so good an idea he has begun to make one to sell. Perhaps he'll make some more now and then? Anyhow he worked on a new patio fence much of the day yesterday and I worked out in the yard, potting up some mandevilla cuttings I rooted with bits and pieces of other plants, potting and planting here and there, weeding a bit, dealing with a few bugs, turning the compost, trimming the little dogwood in our backyard--all just enjoyable gardeny chores. After I was done I cleaned and swept the carport patio and took a dip in the pool where I did some nice stretching. I also chatted with a neighbor over the fence for a short time. Just a lovely lovely day.

While hubby and I were sitting a large shadow came quickly across the sky--I didn't see what it was. Hubby did. An owl! It landed atop the carport patio, then took off again and sat looking about it on the top of the dogwood tree. We watched by torch light and just thoroughly ourselves. The owl flew away finally and hubby and I went in the house and soon after to bed.

I'm so pleased with the garden! The tomatoes, peppers, squash and eggplant are all full of flowers and growing huge, the beans are up and soon will also be flowering. I have herbs and flowers here and there--so many more seeds to plant and more plants to pot up too. :) I still have alot of work to do, but summer here is long and I can take my time. Spring has been just incredible--so nice and cool--only 70s most of the time. We do expect the 80s to hit now, and then the 90s--but it has been a truly wonderful long season of blissful planting and bird watching.

Yesterday I also showed my daughter the brown thrasher's nest--the baby's popped their heads up so we could see--they sort of looked like baby ducks from our side of the fence. They are HUGE! You can now hear them when the parents are feeding them--which is about every 10 or 15 minutes. Those parents are busy! At the moment I see a very wet catbird splashin inthe bird bath and a few sparrows and a house finch fledgling that has been spending a great deal of time hanging on the thistle feeder. He puts himself between the two thistle socks that hang under the arch trellis and eats and naps there. He seems like an overly porky drowsy baby there.

We got news about our future grandbaby-- Seems there's been a first dr visit and baby has been seen on the ultrasound--he/she is the size of a blueberry. :)

No word yet about the sex, but we are told that if it is a boy, Jr, plans to name it after himself--so it will be a 'III' baby. :) So now hubby is excited and wants to konw if the blueberry has any buds or stems perhaps?? Too soon to tell, blueberries aren't very big afterall.

We're so excited about this! But wish the baby and its parents lived nearer us-- they are clear on the other side of the country!! ARGH!! I guess we'll have to be travelling more often. ~smile~

Well, its been another gorgeous Carolina morning, I've got some things to do-- I'm filing my coupons and preparing to shop for one thing, I also want to spend time outside again today. Maybe take a bit of a walk too. :) Bye!


  1. Congratulations! Wonderful news about the grandbaby. Moti

  2. thank you! We're pretty excited!