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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bell-less Peppers?? Maybe not..

This morning I started out for my usual walk in the neighborhood but was rudely interrupted by a hornet that decided my shin was a prime target. I quickly nicked the insect and its stinger off my shin and headed home to ice it --and just in case. I have respect for hornets and wasps and bees that sting--you just don't know for sure if you're allergic until after the bite--so I thought home would be better than out in the street if I did happen to react. Well-- thankfully I don't appear to be allergic, but my leg is painfully red around the bite. I spent about half and hour treating it with ice and some meat tenderizer paste and decided to go work in my garden. This morning I picked several more eggplants and squashes, some barely red roma tomatoes and another lovely big round yellow tomato and some yellow and purple 'green beans'. ;) I also grabbed a handful of jalapenos. I dug out the tenacious grass growing around my onions again and tried to replant some of them--we'll see--I don't know..

I was going to pull up a few bell pepper plants that I thoght must not be planning to produce, but just as I had finally given up on them--they surprised me and I found some tiny peppers beginning to grow on them. So that meant I needed to find another spot to my new cubanelles and sweet banana peppers--no problem-- in with the onions. ;) Oh--did I mention I also picked my first cucumber!

Dinner tonite?? Whew--its just so hard to decide--there are so many choices! Definitely something with eggplant--who knew that japanese eggplant could make so many eggplants with just one plant?? I think I've got about 20 already, and more are growing out there... the yellow crook neck squash is also going crazy as are all my tomato bushes-- I'm wondering how many will ripen while I'm vacationing next week... oh dear.

I had a lovely surprise last night, my new grandbaby's mommy dropped me a line to tell me how she and my son have been talking baby and that my son plays guitar chords for the babe and then tells 'him/her' what the chords are. What a sweet picture that put in my mind! I wish they lived nearby, it is so exciting to be expecting a grandbaby--but it will be born in Idaho! Much too far. :(

Ah well, it has good parents that's what matters most. :)

It is another lovely lovely day in Pokeberry--here in Charlotte-- just about 80 now at nearly noon. I do need to start something here for dinner, just look at all this food here in Pokeberry Kitchen! Wow!

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