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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Getting More Serious with Diet & Exercise

I've been having quite a few medical tests lately. The results are in from my recent echocardigram, it turns out that my heart is not relaxing between beats like it should and I have a little leak in the mitral valve. The mitral valve thing is not a concern but the not relaxing thing is going to need watching. I've had high blood pressure since I was in my 20's-- yup--even back when I was thin and pretty. :( It runs pretty strongly in the family. Anyhow--I need to up my exercise and cut sodium and fat more and add more veggies and fruits to my diet. I'm looking seriously at the dash diet right now. I guess I should have taken this more serious earlier. Its one thing to know you have hbp its another to find out it has actually done some damage! yikes!

Anyhooo-- I'm going to be a gramma, possibly in time for my 50th bday later this year, and I guess I should start thinking more about being gramma for a long long time. So in honor of my unborn grandbaby I'm going to take this super serious and no more fooling around with diet and exercise. I'll post on how this is going in the future, maybe share some of what I learn about diet and exercise.

I already have been reading a great book on water exercise. My exercise needs to be sort of mild-- walking and low impact due to some arthritis issues. So its walking in the neighborhood I love and working out in my pool for me. When fall comes I may think about a Y membership--as I really like the water exercising.

Big trouble spots for me--I love butter and salt. Both are baddies. :( Wish me luck, pray for me to do well etc... thanks!


  1. We can diet together. I am on a vegetarian diet now and quite enjoying it! Just tonight we went to Jimmy Johns for subs, and I had a "vegetarian" with only cucumbers, sprouts, lettuce and provolone cheese...they have slimmer bread there too, so it is not bad! They are not using tomatoes right now because of the problem with salmonella, but I have to say it was very enjoyable and mild. It makes me want to start sprouting alfalfa seeds again...and I actually realized I had the seeds in the pantry and I have a jar and some panty hose to place over the top of the I am going in there and starting some now! I want cucumber and sprout sandwiches!!! LOL.

  2. That sounds pretty good actually, I'd probably want the tomatoes though. Everyone at work wants me to bring some in from my garden. They aren't quite red yet though. I guess its good I planted romas--I have 2 of them and they are loaded!