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Friday, June 6, 2008

Grocery Shopping Again.. Aldi

Today I shopped at Aldi. Although I did re-up my Grocery Game membership lately. I haven't found any deals come up the past week or two that really excited me. I didn't go to my local Harris Teeter lately. I miss it. I wish I could afford to shop at that lovely health food store too. But I have to tell you seriously-- over $5 dollars a pound for apples?


I know some folks can afford this somehow or figure out a way to do it. But frankly I'm just not that commited to organic.

I garden Semi-organic-- which I have written a bit about. I do seriously wait on the bug killers until I am sure I need them. Today I was out in the garden just this morning appraising the situation. I found that there are still aphids in the tomatoes and I have been working hard to wipe them off with my hands and the hose--thus not spraying them with sevin yet.


Hurray I saw a lady bug in the peppers and I think that means the troops are on their way--so perhaps I won't have to use any sevin dust or wettable right now. Maybe the lady bugs will get to work making lots of babies and the lady bug grubbies will eat the nasty aphids.

Meanwhile my pepper leaves and some bean and eggplant leaves are shot through with holes in the leaves-- yup--slugs. I lifted up some mulch and there were several of the nasty critters satiated with veggie leaves, resting up for tonite. ARGH!

Anyhow I don't think I will use chemicals to kill the slugs or the aphids--at least not now. I trimmed my unruly tomatoes and tied them up to their stakes better, and I watered everything and then I went to take a dip in my pool to cool off and exercise in the water as my clothes line dried. I enjoyed finally a little float on a my blow up raft from Big Lots-- I watched one of my best bug eating allies--a brown thrasher up on my arch trellis preening himself between bug hunting ventures. I hope he likes slugs.

Sure I have an environmental conscience, and sure I am a careful shopper and a fairly decent cook. No I won't pay $5 for a pound of apples what is that 3 or 4 apples? Which one of us gets to eat the apple then?

At Aldi today I spent about $75 which is about what I spent there last week. I also made some short trips to an Asian and Mexican market for some special things. I may or may not run out this weekend when I get my Grocery Game list, depends on what the deals are. Right now my pantry is in good shape, my freezer is pretty full of sale priced things and my garden is just beginning to kick in--by this time next week I think I'll have lots of summer squash and tomatoes to use, and a few peppers.

I was going through some receipts today, updating my grocery price book. I saw that I actually only paid $.44 cents for that little bunch of cilantro last week at Food Bazaar Mexican Market. The Health Food store's smaller bunch was $1.99. I wonder-- I wonder if maybe my 44 cent cilantro was also organic? It may well have been.

In any case I washed it thoroughly before making my salsa.

I still feel it matters to get a good deal. It means more money for other things, and I do need it.


  1. Have you tried the beer method of prevention for the slugs? YOu did a glass or other container into the ground (the top needs to be at ground level) and then you put some beer in there. It attracts the slugs, and they drown more than their sorrows!

  2. Hi Reb, Actually no I haven't used that one--though I have heard of it, generally if there is beer in the house, hubby doesn't want to share it with bugs. I have heard grape juice would work that same way, so I was thinking I might try that. Another thing I've heard is you can go about early in the morning and salt them with a salt shaker! I guess that would be ok--if you don't end up getting too much sodium in the soil. I've been mainly flicking them out in open ground so the birds can find them. I have lots of birds that hunt here, and use the free bath, so this seems like a good trade off.