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Sunday, June 8, 2008

In Pokeberry Sunny Sunday in June

We are in the midst of a heat wave-- so it will likely be 100 degrees at some point today. Hubby and I had a very long walk early this morning, around 7:30, in the cool of the morning. It was so nice! We were pretty sweaty when we came home, it was already inching up to 80, so we took a dip in the pool. It's 10 am now, I've already done my Sunday watering with the sprinkler on the front yard and the hose in the back. I've also done some stretching in the pool and potted up some ivy, impatiens and caladium to set out in the shady front yard.

I've got a bunch of caladiums and elephant ear and such like in a pair of big galvanized tubs I bought a while ago at the thrift store. They were just $5 a peice, I had seen them before for about $14 at Home Depot so I knew they were a good deal--still had the labels on them--they were new! Anyhow I'm using them right now to start a bunch of summer bulbs, as the bulbs begin to leaf out I move them to other place. Eventually there will only be a few big bulbs left and those will live in the galvanized tubs for the rest of the summer. All my bulbs are going in pots afterall- I had once planned to put them in the ground, but never got it done and I think the time for that is past. I don't want to do anymore ground breaking this summer, just potting up. :)

The Brown Thrasher babies have gotten more comfortable now with their wings and bug hunting and I now can see them poking about in my plants near the patio and in the garden. I'm so thrilled!

Last night I tried to kill slugs with grape juice. I don't honestly know if it worked! Within minutes there was a large slug sipping the juice, but in the morning there was no sign of slugs--dead or alive. Just a couple under some mulch. I am thinking perhaps they were killed or at least drawn out in the open--and the birds ate them? There are plenty of birdys here--that may be it.

My aphids seem to be getting less and less. I think partly cuz I killed more ants recently, partly cuz I trimmed off the tomatoes and made them more manageable and kept on hosing off the leaves. But I think there must be some predators helping out too--I haven't seem that many lady bugs--but I have seen some. In any case, I have managed a couple bug crisis without chemical warfare in the veggies for now. I did see some little butterflys flitting about now--so that means next it will be caterpillars! ...its always something. ;)

I am sooooooo glad we have our pool. Its near as warm as bath water already, but once you get in a few minutes you do feel cooler. Its very comfy actually. So long as we use the pool alot and get outside in the morning when its so amazingly nice here in North Carolina, we can handle the heat wave very happily. Afternoons are horrible of course--but we do have AC--yeah!

My garden looks so nice ! The eggplants are near ready to eat and so are some yellow squashes. The tomatoes aren't red yet-but I'm going to need to prepare for a motherload of them! Life is good here in Pokeberry!

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  1. Your world sounds idyllic! Your morning walk sounded so peaceful, and I love how you describe what all is happening in the encourages me to feel more free just writing in my blog, and not feeling like I must always have pics to go with everything...
    You are a free thinker and independant woman, and I like to think I am too! I have never heard of grape juice to kill slugs! Pretty cool.
    Didn't realize it got so hot where you are!!! We always dream of moving to the Carolinas for cooler air!!!!