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Friday, June 6, 2008

Out My Window, Early June Heat Wave 2008

Well I'm watching a thrasher right now, preening and fluffing after taking a bath. I'll have to be filling and refilling the bird bath a great deal from now on. Last night when I came home it was bone dry and had nothing in it but dirt residue. Its hot out! We are expected to reach 98 today, 99 tomorrow and 100 by Sunday. The time has come for more hand watering of plants and more mulching, and more watching out for pesitilence in the garden.

Also more ice tea and more floating about in the pool~ happily I have a 3 day weekend!

This weekend I plan to tend my garden and work on some projects in the yard, in short spurts followed by cooling dips in the pool. We have mosquitos this year, there was plenty of rain the past few months it appears so the mosquitos are biting in the shady parts of the yard, and about dusk they are patrolling the patio area too. I'm quite itchy right now and plan to be more careful to use some protection now. And please don't tell me to put dryer sheets in my pockets! I'm going to use Cutters with deet-- there are trade offs in life--and I choose the chemicals over the itching.

I can now see a baby thrasher out on the lawn looking for something, wait; there he goes back under the hedge to hide. :)

There is alot of work involved in making a yard a haven for nature and humans. Sometimes I think I do more work than I have time to just really enjoy it. Its ok though. Gardens must be watered and weeded, bird feeders cleaned and filled, bird bath re-filled and re-filled and re-filled... The pool skimmed and kept clean and topped off now and then, the lawn mowed as needed, the patio needs to be swept constantly as the trees in our neighborhood are extremely generous with us-- pretty much all year-- between seeds, and flowers and pollen and leaves. Happily they also bless us with shade and birds.

All of it comes together to that one great culmination--the enjoyment of a weekend in warm (hot) weather.

How lovely!

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