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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Out My Window, Heatwave Morning in June

Last night it seemed a bit cooler-- maybe it was only 90? Hubby and I went outside for a dip in the pool and I did some stretching and water treading to get a little exercise for free. I had to work to early in the morning to take a long walk and it was too hot in the afternoon. I don't walk in the evening unless he wants to come along --I do live in a big city--so the reality is there are precautions a gal needs to take for safety sake.

The sky appears poised for storms, it did last night too. We heard what sounded like thunder as we chatted and splashed. Nothing happened though, just what sounded like a little rain on the carport roof--but we never saw it or felt it. So this morning, just before 6 am it is already 73 degrees here in Charlotte and I expect it will be very warm later--probably high 80s or 90s.

We're very busy at the library now, summer reading has begun. Folks may not realize it but the busiest time of year in libraries is often summer. I like to be busy though, but it is a little more tiring. I handled a great deal of books and waited on lots of people yesterday.

I've been watching a pair of rufous towhees. I think they have built a nest along the driveway in the same row of shrubs the brown thrasher nest was in. There's must be about two shrubs down the row. How exciting! More babies! The thrasher babies have begun to perch in my dogwood tree and take splash baths near my carport patio. They are often in the garden--eating slugs I hope.

My gardenia shrub, which I still have in a pot, has bloomed! We had two flowers so far, so lovely smelling! It is covered with buds. I put the plant atop a plast crate so it would get more prominence on my patio. It apparently likes sunlight, but not too strong. It is barely beneath the cover of the patio, near the front where afternoon and evening sunlight can be hot. I'm kind of sorry for what I think are a few hydrangeas here. They were the former owners. They were planted in front of the patio where it is very hot and sunny and I think they would probably prefer to be out in the front yard beneath the tree canopy a little enjoying the gentler morning sun. I decided to move them in the fall after they go to sleep for winter. They look tormented most of the afternoon and finally perk up again after dusk. Poor things-- way too much heat and sunshine is hitting them. I hope they will bloom this summer, I secretly also hope they are blue--but I would also like a nice pink.

Hoping for pink or blue is on my mind with my little 'blueberry' too. Our grandchild at the last checkup was described as the size of a blueberry. I think perhaps the little darling may now be strawberry sized--not sure. :) In August the doc says we can find out if its a pink or blue. :) Meanwhile I have pulled out an old sewing pattern that I was holding on to for baby layette outfits. I want to make some of those old fashioned but useful 'baby sacks'. They are a little night gown with a draw string at the bottom. I always thought they were the best thing to keep wiggly little legs in when it came to diaper changing at 3 am. You didn't have to do much, just open the sack and change the baby, then put the little leggies back in their and re-tie. :) Perhaps my first baby sack will be yellow, or pastel green, after August I can start making pink or blue ones too. ;)

Well I am looking for low sodium recipes. I think I may start using the dash diet it seems like the best one for my blood pressure and heart. I talked to my doctor yesterday. She said the heart damage I have is very mild and that it may even have been something I was born with, or else it was from my high blood pressure--which I do have to medicate. I think it is unlikely I was born with it because as a child I had rheumatic fever and my heart was very thoroughly checked out. So I think it is likely new damage. Anyhow-- she says if I keep my pressure in check it will likely not become serious. Very motivating!

One can't be having a stiff heart I'm thinking--doesn't sound like a good thing.

Well I need to get running here, I've slept a wee tad later than usual and must be to work early. Good Bye Pokeberry! See you later!

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