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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Over the Fence--11 pounds of Peaches!

Lovely day again in Pokeberry-- go figure he?

Anyhow, I slept a bit late this weekend, not waking til as late as 7:30 sometimes. I took a lovely walk alone today and got a short hair cut at a new Mexican hair salon. It was $7 less than my last hair cut and I think much more suitable for summer-- very short and sleek, nice for dipping in out of my pool which I do so much. I put on a baseball cap usually when I go walking and its perfect for that, I love that I can walk there and that I'm encouraging a new business if I go back. I also love that I can take my 'curl/blower' gadget and curl and dry it in minutes before I go to my job.

In Pokeberry Garden--TWINS!--I had my first ripe tomato--its a yellow tomato but its twins--two tomatoes stuck together. I also still have more japanese eggplant than I have a clue what to do with--but I passed a few over the fence to my neighbor on the north ( the one who talked me into growing veggies-- which he reminded me of today) He in turn passed over a recycled grocery bag with 11 pounds of fresh peaches in it!!! OH MY GOODNESS! now that's going to have to be scheduled in to the week. I think-- most are not quite ripe yet--so they should live fine til my next days off and I'm going to be doing some peach jams and conserves...and just today we may need to put some peaches in tropcially summer ice tea drinks. :) Happy Pokeberry!

Meanwhile I found some very nice fresh green beans at the Mexican grocery and I will steam those with some Yellow snaps from the garden for dinner tomorrow--and I'm sure we'll have to eat something with yellow squash and eggplant and yellow tomato too-- in fact I may need to hoist a few yellow squashes over the fence too. :)

Another nice thing in Pokeberry today--the gardenias are blooming--oh wow. It smells so nice here. I wish I could say I miss Wisconsin== but its getting harder. ;)

The Brown Thrashers apparently have a new nest full of hatchlings--I've noticed the parents sneaking up on a particular shrub with beaks full of worms. Meanwhile the fledglings from the last nestfull are still playing in Pokeberry, and becoming very familiar sights beneath the dogwood tree, in the bird bath, in the veggie garden and retreating to the holly hedge too. :) I heart Pokeberry-- in Charlotte Nc. :)

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  1. What a wonderful world you have there in Pokeberry! Great neighbors, eh??? And they you, too!!!! I'm glad you like your new haircut! The peaches sound so delightfully refreshing!!!