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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Semi Organic--Again with this??

I had a comment to my Semi-Organic post that I decided not to allow to post. I gave it some thought. The thing is it wasn't that the information the person sent me was so bad--it was the way he said it--I'm inclined to think his suggestions probably would not have been effective--but that is not the problem.

The first thing was that this person I have never met was obviously upset by my choice to not be a 100% organic gardener. He informed me of some organic alternatives but with an attitude that said basically 'now that you know--you must change' as if I'd been forewarned of the coming judgement in a religious sense.

The thing is I don't believe that 'moderation' in the use of chemicals is a bad thing. I don't see myself as 'killing the planet' or giving my family 'unhealthy foods'. I see things alot differently. I think we are all truly free to make our own choices and do our own thinking. My personal beliefs and opinions are not invalid just because I do not agree with his!

I like to read well thought out, well reasoned posts or articles by people of good will who may have come to the same or even different opinion as I have. I can learn from others just as they can learn from me. I do not like to read things written by people who think I am ignorant or somehow deserving of judgement because I happen to have a different opinion than they do. I have a sense of uneasiness when I meet zealots of any sort. I think usually they lack balance and certainly they lack understanding for others.

Pokeberry is place I have created for myself and others to enjoy and possibly learn from a little. I can't imagine making it a place of unfriendly debating and such like. I can argue my points, but I wont do so with folks who are disrespectful.

One thing I think I have noticed this year in the political process is that the candidates are trying to find ways to state their differences without personal attacks. I don't know that this will work as we get down to the wire--so much is at stake in each one's view of things. It bothers me some that when people disagree with a politician they now feel free to hate that person or act as if this person is evil choosing to use words that are overly strong in describing their feelings. I wish those who try to change this the best, I know its not likely to improve but it is good to see that some folks are at least trying to bring a more civil tone to things. I'm all for that.


  1. You know what's funny? Yesterday at work I had what I thought was a 'friendly' conversation with someone, and this person in the space of about 20 minutes literally corrected me for how I garden--giving me a lecture about the water table in the process, how I care for my pet parrots--informing me of which vet I must go to, and corrected my choice of which hostas I might purchase, she went on to correct Weight Watchers for not being low enough points in their recipes. What is it with folks these days? Ya just gotta shake yer head eh?