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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Simple Pleasure of Walking to the Grocery Store

The other day I had a long walk as usual, this time I decided to walk to a grocery store and pick up some lettuce and ripe tomatoes--my tomatoes in my garden are stubbornly still not red, and it is too hot this time of year to grow lettuce here. Up until recently there were three grocery stores in walking distance from my home--all three Mexican Markets. There is a larger one that is probably closest-Compare Foods- is a chain that was started I think in New York by Mexican Immigrants. The other nearest one was an independant store and it has recently moved elsewhere. The third store is one I wrote about a couple weeks ago where I picked up some good deals on herbal teas and cilantro. I decided to go to that one--it is about 25 minutes walk each way. There is a thrift store on the way and I stopped in there and purchased a nice basket with an interesting handle. It is comfortable to carry to the store or to carry veggies out of the garden or laundry out to the clothes line. I used it to transport my other purchases: the lettuce and tomatoes and also an antique 'lustroware crisper' which is basically an old refrigerator storage container--which I put my eggplants in when I got home. Also tiny beaded purse for my daughter.

There's something just 'fine' about being able to walk to the grocery store. Compare Foods is much closer to me, next time I'll go there probably, It has far more things. I worry a little bit about fresh produce at the Mexican stores--and this is simply a fact--I think it is not the freshest-- and I feel it must be used quickly. So--its ok for me to shop there for something I need today or tomorrow but I won't likely shop there for a week's worth of things. I also shy away from the meats--because it is a little unnerving to me when I can smell the meat department in the back of the store from the front doorway. Otherwise--I enjoy my trips. I like to walk and walk and to see all the interesting unusual spices and fruits and veggies and I value the simple pleasure that is afforded to those who live in the city of being able to shop by foot.

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  1. I know what you are saying about the Mexican markets...we have a Caribbean one here also that has the stinky meat in the back of the store. I also don't like it when the meat is loose in a refrigerated bin all up and touching the inside of the glass in the case! I just always wonder how well the case is cleaned, and how OFTEN, with that odor that always seems to be there!!!