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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stock N Save? New Store and New Blog

Yesterday I stopped in at Stock n Save on Arrowood. Its a new 'discount' version of Food Lion. I was trying to figure this out. I had heard it was supposed to be like the Food Lion version of Aldi. It wasn't really much like Aldi. The prices as far as I could tell were not lower than the Food Lion on South Blvd, which is a store I have had ambivalent feelings about for a long time. I will say that the Stock n Save seemed a little 'nicer' in the way of maybe being cleaner and less cluttery than Food Lion but it lacked that good italian bread that I like at the Food Lion.

Positives--its probably easier to shop in and easier to drive to than Food Lion. Negatives-- less stuff. The produce selection was pretty small, there was no good deli/bakery stuff. I don't know that I 'get it'.

If Food Lion is trying to imitate Aldi--they should go to Aldi and see what they do. Cuz it sure is not what has been created at Stock n Save.

I may shop there some however, I did find it convenient compared to Food Lion, but I think Aldi will remain my favorite discount grocer and Harris Teeter my favorite 'nice store' and Sam's club my favorite bulk store. I guess-- Stock n Save will be ok 'instead of Food Lion' which I only go to when I really need something quick. --except that-- I wish they had the bread--or maybe I wish they were a Food Lion--only a little better rather than pretending to be cheaper.
Does that make sense?

Another interesting thing I just discovered is its a blog/website that features information about all kinds of stores. There's alot of info on the history of grocery stores in Charlotte NC on the site. I'm obviously a sort of 'grocery store hobbyist' myself, so it intrigued me to find this place and read a bit about the history of the some of the places I've seen since we moved to Charlotte. One thing I have figured out--if your neighborhood gets a new Harris Teeter chances are the real estate values are going up and crime is going down. I'm hoping our neighborhood will get one soon--but it seems we are more likely to get more things like 'stock n save' and ethnic markets. Too bad. I think a Harris Teeter down here on the South Corridor would be a good thing for all. If you build it--I will come.

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