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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Too Hot for Planting?

Well its still morning and its already 81 here in Charlotte. I think we are expecting to get past 100 this weekend. That's hot.

Since spring had been so wonderfully long and cool here, I was a little off guard and had prepared a new bed for planting just before the heat hit us. Well.. I kind of wish I hadn't started it now.

It's a shade bed in the afternoon with morning sun. I moved several nice healthy heuchera's there,which I'm worrying about now, and some sweet woodruff and a little bit of japanese forest grass. I was about to put in a bunch of ivy cuttings but never got that far.

I think now I will be popping the ivy into containers instead. I can do it under cover of my carport patio and add some color to the pots with the little 'leftovers' of bedding annuals that I still have-- some impatiens, sweet williams and begonias that are still in a flat.

Other than that I have quite a few baby vining plants started from seed: morning glory, moonvine and I think cypress vine. Not sure what I'll do with those at the moment. I also have a tub of baby nastutium and another of moss roses. I think right now they are all safer in their current containers than to be moved.

I start many of my seeds in plastic dish tubs with drainage holes drilled in the bottoms (small drill bit). These are reusable year after year and usually cost me a dollar or less when I got them. Anyhow there are a few still on the carport patio awaiting new homes. Right now with this heat--they will have to wait a bit longer.

The thing is when its super hot, and you move plants the heat can murder them before thier little roots can find grip. Sometimes it is even too hot to germinate seeds! I have some dill and pickle cuke seeds I want to start soon, I may start them out on the front porch. I think it's about 10 degrees cooler there usually thanks to the wonderful large trees on my front lawn.

So I wheeled my wheel barrow full of ivy cuttings with a damp rag over them back to the carport this morning. They've been waiting to be planted for days now. Maybe I'll get them in pots sometime today or towmorrow. The nice thing is I have my lovely walmart pool out there so I can do a wee tad of yard work and then hop in to cool off. :)

Today I'm going to be playing in the kitchen mainly, prepping some of the veggies I bought yesterday for dishes to be eaten in the next few days; salads, stir frys and just plain steamed veggies. The clothesline is full of towels this morning and I have a set of sheets waiting for their turn. I can usually fit two loads on my line, but sheets are kind of large. I might just toss them over my nice free standing fences that hubby made and hang up the pillowcases out by the towels. This is going to be a very relaxed Saturday for me! Should be time to tuck that ivy into pots for the cooler front porch. I think I need to also bring in all the humming bird feeders for a wash and refill. No big watering chores today, tomorrow is sprinkler day yeah!

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