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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby Bird Escort Service

The other day I noticed a lump of baby bird sitting under one of our cars in the driveway. It had that dopey, "I'm a baby" look about it, and some bits of fuzz on its head. When it stood up it looked like a miniature ostrich as its legs were decidedly too big for its lump of a little body. Momma was nearby in the driveway keeping an eye on this guy. She was a brown trasher. Apparently the thrashers have fledged another nest already! This one had at least one hatchling, last time there were two that joined the Pokeberry population.

Well, Mama Thrasher didn't allow Junior to stay under the car very long, she began to herd him toward the hedge on the north fence. So basically she nests in shrubs along the south fence it appears then sends all her babes to the more dense holly hedge on the north fence to complete their growing up process, get ready to fly about and feed themselves. This way they can run in there for cover between little forays into the veggie garden for bugs.

I watched this process with amazement and joy--but also with concern. Not too long after I spotted baby and momma making their way to the hedge I also so Momma Kitty coming to tend the kittens that are apparently living behind my garage. The peace in Pokeberry Nursery is bound to be challenged by this situation.

I'm a little perturbed at my neighbors for all the stray cats in this area. There are just dozens of kittys around here, and apparently this one chose not to have her kittens at home. Perhaps her owner doesn't even know about them. What will I do with them? I think I have to try to catch them and I suppose call the animal control folks. They are already wild, I can't see them being cuddly little pets very easily.

Where we used to live there was a rather strong trend toward NOT allowing your cats outside. Sure some folks still let cats out but they would at least feel properly guilty when they did--and make some sort of excuses--like the cat would NOT leave them be til the opened that door, or it snuck out like houdini. Here it is a perfectly accepted fact that cats go outside and that's that. They simply do not apologize for it nor do they seem bothered that kitty's are multiplying all around. I suppose since the birdy population seems to be tremendous here it doesn't seem to be a cause for alarm.

Funny how folks think differently in one part of the country than in others.

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