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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Learn Something New Everyday..

I watched food tv last night and saw Alton Brown make some tomato sauce. He cooked his tomatoes in the oven! Well what an idea! He also explained that the reason you 'de-seed' or remove the 'gel' from tomatoes is that it is more acidic. Well I did not know that. I didn't remove that when I made my big batch the other day I just popped them in the Vitamix pretty much whole--as my Vitamix cookbook advised. The Vitamix people are very into 'whole' foods. The sauce was ok, but I did get heartburn in the middle of the night.. ugh! Not terribly but enough to wonder if I like my sauce as much. Anyhow I have more tomatoes of course, so I'll need to do another batch. I think I will go ahead and de-seed the next batch and maybe try the oven method while I'm at it for cooking the sauce. Looked yummy.

Ya learn something new every day.

This morning I was up and at 'em. I got my son's bike out and made yet another attempt at bike riding instead of just walking in my neighborhood. This time I used my inhaler before I went out and I found I was able to go much further. I told my hubby, I may not be able to go far, but I will l just do it everyday until I can. It may take a while. I guess even though I do alot of things I don't usually get a real aerobic workout. I have a heart problem and asthma--which of course don't help. But I believe this will be good for my heart at least help keep it from getting worse right? At best--maybe even make it better--could happen. So that's a plan. I think I still want to walk though, cuz I just enjoy it. I can do both.

Well I finally gave my poor humming birds fresh sugar water. There's lots of flowers for them, they won't starve but they do like their sugar water. 4 cups water, 1 cup sugar--and you do NOT have to boil it-- I found out that was a 'myth' last year.

I have a solution for keeping ants out of the hummingbird feeders. This works! You put a 'glob' of vaseline on whatever your feeder is hanging from. Mine all hang from shepherd's hooks, so I just put a good glob of vaseline about half way down the hook, completely covering that little section of shepherd's hook. I have seen some ants go through it to get down, but I've never seen one go through to get at the feeder. When I do this I never find ants in my feeders. I don't have a fix for bees yet but this works fine for ants.

Another little hint-- if you feed finches forego the fancy feeders and use the mesh socks. They 'breathe' better. The tube feeders will get moldy very quickly in damp weather and the mold is very dangerous for your finches. You need to keep cleaning it out. I used to use both and have stopped. I only use the socks now and I have little finches all over my garden and if I want to clean these I can do it in the sink-no parts to be fighting with. Cheap and easy.

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