Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Pokeberry This Morning

Like most mornings around here, I was up early and busy getting things going. I made coffee, fed my pet parrots, had breakfast and did a load of dishes, washed, dried & folded some towels and washed & hung the lights and darks out to dry in the sunshine. I went out and watered the garden before it starts to get hot out. While out there I picked a yellow squash, but didn't pick anything else cuz we still have company and we were planning to not eat at home today, so I left things to ripen another day or two. However, I just got a call and I guess plans have changed so we probably will be eating here, with our guests. So I may mosey on out there and look for something more to pick.

I took some closeup style photos of some of the plants--wild and intentional-- that are so pretty right now in Pokeberry Garden.

When I'm done typing this up I'm planning to go out and take a dip in the pool and sit a while on the carport patio with "Mama Dip's Family Cookbook" by Mildred Council. This is a book I picked up at the library I work at. I've already read another book about Mama Dip-- she runs a southern country style restaurant in Chapel Hill. She is so inspiring! She started her first restaurant in the 1970's with about $65, $40-something for the first days groceries and the rest to make change.

Incredible? I'm not so sure, it seems there are quite a few unique old fashioned start up businesses here and there in the Carolinas, I'm very much in awe of that. Anyone that can take less than a hundred dollars and build it into a nice business like Mama Dip has done has my admiration. I'm also enjoying reading her recipes and her simple pantry list and how to's. I am a big fan of cook books. I bring some home every week from work and while I don't always try the recipes I do read from them. You can learn so much reading a cookbook, especially one like this has also has a story attached to it. One of the things I inherited from one of my gramma's was her cookbook and that was just what I wanted.

I'm so intrigued with home businesses and entrepreurship, as is my hubby and some of our kids. I just don't know what sort of business would be right for us though. One thing I have in mind for myself is 'little businesses' that provide small streams of income. A little this, a little that. I've started some cuttings of shrubs that I hope to eventually sell either at a yard sale here or on Craig's list. At one time I sold on ebay--sometimes things I'd bought at auctions, sometimes my own artwork. I know me enough to know that I have varied interests and would probably not enjoy only doing one thing--like a restaurant. I just like to turn my hand where my interests lie and glean a bit here and there. But that's just me.

Well off I go now, need to maybe pick some beans or something and take a dip, then settle down with Mama Dip & some coffee.

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