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Saturday, July 19, 2008

King David's House, and Mine..

I was thinking of writing on 'troubles', Troubles of all sorts. I was thinking how sometimes they come in ripples and other times in piles, and how these days it seems the ripples just bump into the piles and you just don't know if there is ever an end to it all. I've got my head above the waters for the most part here in Pokeberry--but gosh-- that doesn't mean there aren't troubles. I just don't write much on those-- not as much because I like to dwell in more pleasant thoughts. But sometimes the troubles do creep in a little bit. Lately I've been wading through some, though I won't go into detail, I want to share how I keep from going under. I will share by writing a bit about King David.

In 2 Samuel 23 King David's last words are recorded. David was a man I personally identified with in my life as a believer in God. For one thing-- David had done something I thought was pretty low-- he slept with his friend Uriah's wife and then after Uriah remained loyal to him, he had him set out in the front of a battle and abandoned there, so that he would be killed. He did that to cover up the sin he had committed with Bathsheba, Uriah's wife who was pregnant with David's child at a time that Uriah had been abstaining from enjoying his wife, instead focused on fighting for David's kingdom. How low can a guy go?? I mean talk about back stabbing a friend--wow.

Anyhow, it was when I realized how low David had gone and how God had been merciful to forgive him nevertheless-even calling this same David "a man after my own heart"

When I realized that God was willing to forgive David- I realized that I too was someone God could be merciful to. Because of this I am always grateful to David.

Still--David didn't live a life without suffering. In his family he suffered a great deal. Some of his children strayed so far that they caused him immense suffering as a parent. His house was just about always troubled, His house was a house divided and in pain. Even on his death bed he had to deal with family strife.

When David was dying he said something though that gives hope to people who have troubles in their homes--all sorts of troubles. It was a hopeful thought that carried David past this life to the next one, and a thought that he recorded to share his faith with us.

"Although my house be not so with God; yet he hath made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things, and sure: for this is all my salvation, and all my desire, although he make it not to grow. 2 Samuel:5"

David knew that God was in charge of his house-- that God had made him promises and was going to keep them--even though "he make it not to grow." In other words-- at least for now, as far as David could see at the time-- things weren't going the way they ought to. David believed they would when God saw fit.

In His time.

It takes alot of patience to get through troubles. I have learned that and continue to learn that. It also takes hope. But these things need to be based on something. In my life, here in Pokeberry, the base is Faith in God, in His Promises to me through Christ and His Word, and in His very nature or character of being a God who is faithful and merciful and Sovereign. Able to see to it things are done, in His time.


  1. The story of David reminds me over and over again how we are all just "men". People of the world. Making mistakes. yet God forgives us. That is the most amazing thing for all times. Because of that, I must forgive all people. I think you are right about troubles taking time to resolve, any time you can enjoy all that God has provided and be thankful, and pray for the best outcomes, and God will know the desires of your heart! That is the best thing about Pokeberry...full of natures finest!
    God bless!

  2. Thank you Julie- you've said that well.