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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Homemade Hoe and Gardeny~Garagey Photos!

I did go out and plant some pole beans finally by the fence. I moved down away from the birdhouse gourd so I wouldn't disturb Mrs. Wren too much, she followed me and scolded from the shrubs until I was finished with my little chore. It didn't take very long, I used my favorite hoe that my son Sam made me one year after another tool I had been using broke. He took a squarish hoe and cut and ground it down until it was a good strong triangle shape. He then fixed it onto a wood handle for me. I've been using that hoe for years and I love it! The point is great, I can just swing it into the ground and it will dig a good hole. It also is good for making rows and weeding. Great tool--and to think he was only 9 or 10 I guess when he made it. Well anyhow, with the help of Sam's hoe I cultivated, pulled out some crabgrass and put in a small row of pole beans. I left room along the fence for more plantings in a couple weeks. Maybe by then Mrs. Wren won't mind if I plant under her house?

While I was outside I took a photo of my baby rose of sharon coming up along a fence with some poke sallet plant behind it. I also got shots of sunflowers that the birds have planted, in my pots, in my galvanized tub garden and under the feeder. There's one more photo--its the veggie garden now--in late July. Sure looks different than it did a couple months ago. I took another photo of my hoe and of my 'spot' in hubby's garage. He gave me my own section of pegboard for my garden tools! :)Unfortunately I couldn't get blogger to upload all my photos just now, so I won't be posting them right now..maybe later.

Out in Pokeberry Garden, I see there are more tomatoes ready to be picked and there are some purple beans coming along. The bell pepper plant looks like it may end up producing some peppers finally. The crook neck yellow squash has been speading all over the place along with the straight eight cukes. My pickle cukes are up and climbing and beginning to flower. The bunching onions are all useable.

The Golden Comfrey could use a pruning and the sweet woodruff is doing well. The live lies bleeding amaranth plant I put in the veggie bed is in bloom.

Its a nice day for garden work. I did get some mosquito bites, but its cool today. Right now anyhow. Its not 80 yet and its overcast so that helps. I'm sure by noon it will be getting warmer though--maybe to the 90s by late afternoon per usual. I love mornings here! This is my last day off this week, so I am making myself feel 'entitled to enjoy it' as I work. :)

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  1. This sounded like such a glorious morning! Glad you got your pole beans in the ground...that will be so nice! I love them best for beans!