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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oil Change New Tires and Much Better Gas Mileage

Wow! Before we went on vacation, my old car was getting 17 miles to the gallon. It is now getting 26 miles to the gallon. We changed the oil, put on two new tires and rotated tires and checked my brakes before we left. Its like driving a new car. Just in time cuz gas was 3.99 when we left and is now 4.10 per gallon. So-- I did the math and I have been wrong about my part time job.

For some reason I thought I was working 4 to 6 hours per week for gas--not true. It costs me about $25 per week for gas apparently to JUST drive to work and back for my part time job. That means that my job is still cost effective.

Costs rising so much, I was planning to fly to see my son and daughter-in-love later this summer, but now I am considering waiting til their baby comes around the end of the year. They live in the North West and I live in the South East. Last time I checked my trip will cost about $800 (give or take) using discount online ticket prices. I'm worried that by the time baby comes it will be much higher. But I guess I will not let that bother me. ~smile~

I'm cutting more corners now to be able to do that later. We are dissappointed the past month or so we've had to dip into our savings for our future house. I've had quite a few medical tests done the past sveral months and although we do have insurance we've still had to pay several thousand out of pocket. Its frustrating. I finally cancelled one test cuz I thought it was not worth it for the price. I already know that I have no life threatening conditions --at least not for now--I do have some problems I need to keep an eye on with blood pressure and my heart, but my 'other symptoms' are apparently just a bother or nuisance and not dangerous. Since I know that I didn't think it was worth extra $$$ to find out 'how much of a nuisance'. I figure if things get bad enough-I'll know without spending the money.

Funny how that goes, once you start looking under the hood there's always things you can fiddle around with--but that doesn't always mean its worth the trouble. After all you gotta consider your blue book values here--a body with over a 100,000 on it, doesn't need all the dings bumped out. ;)


  1. LOL...I love body has a few dings as well!

    My granddaugher is due Sept. 10, in Germany...I am going to have to wait till spring break to go over...I'm sure it will be more expensive then...I hope I will be able to do it, even. I hope so...want to see my little Emily!!!

  2. Germany! Oh my- I have nothing to whine about have I? My freind at work from Czechoslovakia says her parents never even met her husband until they had 2 children--then her hubby asked her father for her hand when they finally got to go there. We are so spoiled these days aren't we? Yet-- it is hard to think of a grandbaby you can't just hop in the car and go see!