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Monday, July 28, 2008

Out My Window..Monday Morning- end of July 08

Pokeberry is a little playground this morning. There are birds all over the place! I have hung extra sock type thistle feeders all around the carport patio area--So there are finches all about. At the party feeder which gets filled only on Sundays, there's an abundance of sparrows, finches, titmice, cardinals and etc. The doves are walking about on the ground eating spilled seeds and several little winged creatures have been to the bath for sips. A little humming bird has visited the petunias and those 4 o'clocks that were still open a moment ago, as well as my sugar water feeders (which I need to clean today.)

Hubby was out before he went to work and picked all the newest ripe hot peppers. He has put himself in charge of the hot peppers. He is trying to dry them. He's got them sitting on paper towel in the house. We don't know for sure but we think it may be too humid to dry them outside in this climate. He has cayenne and habanero at the moment, the jalapenos we just use right away mainly or store in the fridge or freezer.

Above my tall holly hedge the rose of sharon is big in bloom, as afternoon comes along they close up, right about the time the 4 o'clocks are in their glory. There are some nice bright sunflowers in my big galvanized tub garden, they look perfect towering above the caladium leaves. The birds plant sunflower and I leave some of it. I like to have a little cluster of it under the party feeder and in some pots. There are some 'volunteer' tomatoes and possibly gourds in some of my flower pots as well--so far they all seem to be just nice touches--for accidents, and I've let them grow. It hasn't been as hot the past several days. It does get in the 80s I think, but its been cooler at night so the pool water has been cooler than usual. We've enjoyed it. Yesterday we floated on our rafts and got our 'vitamin D' fresh from the sun. As we floated we were serenaded by a catbird. I didn't know they could sing pretty I only thought they made the little kitty sound.

Right now I am watching a little bird that has been busy going in and out of one of my big gourd bird houses. I never get a good close view of this tiny person--I think it may be a carolina wren-- or some type of wren or sparrow. I'm thinking before I go out for my walk I should sow some pole beans back along that fence. Its time to start thinking about the next plantings and the 'fall garden'. Here in Charlotte we can keep on gardening for quite a long time, that's nice. I need to start some trays of brocoli, cabbages, maybe cauliflower out on the shady front porch I think, so I will have some bedding plants by September. Tomatoes I think I can start from cuttings--I think will look into that. I have an indeterminate vine and 4 determinate. I am not sure if that matters. Indeterminate means it will keep growing and producing until frost. Determinate I believe means it will not grow past a certain size. I am still always learning more about gardening, it is good to learn new things no matter how long you have been doing a thing.

Well time to get moving her in Pokeberry, welcoming a new week with a peaceful morning is so ideal!

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