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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Pokeberry Evening in July

Its 94 degrees this evening, at about 7pm. I've been in the pool and am sitting at the table on my carport patio waiting for hubby & #3 son to get done working on my car. The AC has been sporadic for a long while. It used to be that I could just run over a speed bump or something and the AC would kick back on, now it has gotten so that a strong man must kick it under the dash board--time to repair it. There is apparently a 'short' in the wiring someplace to do with the fan. Ah yes.. the joys of living on a budget. :) is a pleasant evening for me, I am cool enough and can re-cool by hopping back in the pool anytime I like. I am listening to sparrows and wrens singing mainly, as well as lots of twittering, cicada buzzing, and crickets and frogs chirping. Finches, Titmice, and Cardinals have been here to snack, nobody seems to have taken their last late supper yet. likely that will be as soon as the sun has finished dropping below the treeline and it cools off a bit.

I've been enjoying alot of sights and sounds here as well as the smell of freshly cut grass--son #2 cut the lawn a few hours ago. I'm sort of lazy--otherwise I'd get out my 'blower' and clean off the drive and patio, but I think I do deserve a little break. Today I ran errands & did laundry. I did Grocery Game style shopping at Harris Teeter and Rite Aid, and I went to Sam's Club for some staples too. I washed 4 loads of laundry including my sheets. Tomorrow I do need to pick up just a couple things at Aldi--then I'm done with the shopping thing for the week. I do save money this way--it can seem like too much work sometimes though. I also took time to enter my prices and amounts into my 'old' pricebook that is done in a spreadheet style program on my pc. I like to 'know' what a deal is. At this time I still buy bottled water for instance--I know that it is the best deal at Sam's club if I get the $3.88 pure life, 30 1.4 liter bottles. Its always tricky to figure out the best deal, my spreadsheet is great cuz it helps me really pinpoint what the unit price is on things and then I can 'know' what the lowest price is and if a sale is really a sale.

Another money thing today--I was surprised to get a 'disconnect' notice from the water utility! We pay our bills online using our credit union's bill pay service. Well--turns out--when we last moved we were issued a new account number but we didn't change it in our bill pay--so we've been paying our old account! It only took me a few hours of 'button pressing and waiting' to get this cleared up. Our credit balance on the old account was applied to the new account and turns out the water bill wasn't super huge after all. Phew!

Speaking of water-- the garden is in 'every day' water mode now with temps in the mid 90s. Sadly I was too busy and tired a few times the past couple weeks and didn't water--but happily hubby has begun to take notice of my plants and has learned to see the signs of thirst. This evening I came out after supper to find him watering my plants! You know what's funny? As a young wife I never thought he'd be the sort of help he has been since the kids have grown and I've gone to work--he truly does pitch in now-and I do not even have to ask. :)

Well our vacations are over for now--and I am feeling good to just 'relax' back into my usual routine. I want to kick up my 'shrub nursery' hobby. I have noticed that quite a few of my shrub cuttings have rooted very well. We've cleared out a big space behind the garage in an old bricked in raised bed that is in mainly shade--it will be perfect for my baby shrubs to grow bigger until they are ready to be sold or moved to what may be our 'own' house. Only time will tell which.

I see hubby has found my mosquito spray inside the trunk of my car and 'maybe' he and #3 son are nearing getting done with the AC repair. A little hummer is here to tell me my hummer water is getting 'yucky again' so that's for tomorrow to do.

And... Here he comes! I HAVE ac!!! YEAH!

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