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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Small Batch Canning Musings...

I'm home from my trip and back to thinking pokeberry kitchen thoughts. I noticed we have wild grapes growing on the fence. At first I was thinking I would tear them out--now I'm thinking--maybe I will make wild grape jam first? There won't be alot of them--but why not make a small batch?

When we lived in the north we had wild berries and fruits in our woods. There were different grapes and gooseberry and mayapple (mandrake) and currans and black and red raspberry and elderberries among others. Of course these were all heavily guarded by well armed mosquitos. I am so thankful that the mosquitos are not near so bad in Charlotte as they were in our part of Wisconsin! Anyhow--I didn't do much with the wild stuff, except some elderberry once. Here I can walk up to a wild vine without having to dip myself in too much deet and cover my body with mesh first, so I think I will see what can be harvested.

The beauty of what is known as 'small batch canning' is that you don't even have to have one of those big old canners. I do have some--but I will likley just use my stock pot (soup pot) to do small batch canning this summer. Less work, and I'll have smaller batches of more varieties of things. :)

Oh--update on my missing canning gadgets--I finally decided I did need those--and hunted for them at a few more stores. I found a complete set at a Walmart near Charleston SC when we were on our mini-vacation. They were $1 less than the ones here--which sold out anyhow. I have my tools! yeah!

Another neat thing I found on our trip was some freebie spanish moss. It was hanging from the trees so I filled up a couple little shopping bags and am now using it to mulch my patio plants. It looks pretty and helps keep them from drying out as fast in the afternoon sun.

Weather here in Charlotte the past few days has been mild-- 80s I guess, but overcast with some rain. In the Charleston area while we were there, there was some rain but I have to say the humidity there--was way beyond what we have here. Yikes! I feel for my Florida friends this time of year too. It does get hot and humid here in NC but I'm pretty sure its not as bad. In Charleston I would get out of our little cabin in the morning and it was already sticky outside--or should I say 'still' sticky outside?

Thank God for whoever invented AC.

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  1. I thank God for whoever invented AC too!!!

    Congrats on finding your canning tools!