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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Triple Coupons at Harris Teeter!

I had an unscheduled grocery trip this morning. I went to Harris Teeter with my coupons and spent $40.83. Between using my store card and coupons I saved $72.73 off what Harris Teeter's normal prices would be. How that works is I shopped sales w/coupons, they tripled the face value of every coupon I had that was under 99cents. So--- my 35 cent coupons were worth $1.05, my 50 cent coupons were $1.50 and my 75 cent coupons were $2.25. Because of this some of the items I got were Free--including 2 32.5 oz bottles of Windex! Yeah! I've tried making my own window cleaners but all things being 'free' I'd rather use 'Windex'besides its alot less work--most of the homemade recipes require alot of elbow work to get the glass dry and non-spotty.

I had planned to pick out (pick whatever's ripe at the moment) my tomatoes yet again and do some canning this morning--but when I found out HT was tripling coupons I altered that plan a bit. I used my Grocery Game 'early' list which they put out when Harris Teeter triples so I will know what deals are there. Kudos to them!

My pantry is doing very well. I have learned to cook around what I have on hand and what is in the garden and what is on sale. With Grocery Game's help I also have been stock piling--to a point-- what hubby and I and the 3 adult kids will need over the next months, like soap, and deoderant and shampoo, haircolor (for a gray old lady--don't know who that is), toothpaste (often free, dish soap, cleaners.... etc. Every thing I put in my fancy 'cardboard' underbed storage devices was bought at rock bottom prices. Makes me feel good.

Sometimes I have gotten off the Grocery Game wagon--and I did write about that once,or maybe twice? but I seem to come back after I shop around and see that I really am not doing better without it-- and I miss Harris Teeter so much for its nice staff and clean store. (that is something to value)

Anyhow this was a good day for me at HT and I'm not working tomorrow so I can still can my 'maters. I did get them picked, another 21pounds added to my tally. Just think if I had a big garden--wow, even at the lowest price I could have paid I think I've harvested at least $8o in tomatoes so far this summer--and I can pick almost to Thanksgiving in our zone--if I protect my plants a little. Makes me think of that question I was asked once--why garden? And another one--why cut coupons? Hmmm.... dunno. ~grin~

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