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Monday, August 25, 2008

Bees in Blooms

Just watching out my window this morning as a large bumble bee visits the morning glories one by one. Each flower he visits bends under his weight until he is done. A visit is only a second or two. We are leaving for Seattle in the morning, Hubby has some business there and then we are flying to see our son and new daughter-in-law for the rest of the week. I've got my little to-do list all made for things I need to finish before I go to work today. I'm working late tonite--so need to be organized.

I am still having symptoms from a 'flare' of abdominal problems back on Thursday, its calmer now thankfully. My mood didn't improve much either. The nicest thing this weekend was about an hour I spent with my daughter decorating some cards with rubber stamps and cut out hearts to put photo wedding announcements in to tell folks about our son's marriage. She was a great help as I was having a hard time being creative. I knew I wanted to do something pretty--but was just not able to figure out what. She helped me come up with a simple and sweet design that is just right.

I took some walks and enjoyed the birds and flowers, but just felt uncomfortable most of the time due to pain in back and abdomen.I did go to work on Saturday though and made it through ok. These flares of pain and mood problems get frustrating--especially when you never know for sure what the problem is.

Hubby did hot sauce experiments in the kitchen with the ripe habaneros and sweet peppers and some tomatoes and carrots and lime juice. He developed a recipe that smelled pretty nice--but you would never get me to try it if he likes it--cuz that means it would likely be much too hot.I grow peppers hotter than jalapeno for him, I like jalapenos, but I don't go any further.

Since we'll be eating in restaurants I picked up a library book called Eat This, Not That. It features nutritional breakdowns of some of the meals you find in various chain type restaurants telling you which meals are better choices or worse. I was surprised sometimes to find that the meals you 'think' are healthier are not. For instance at McDonald's the quarter pounder burger--without the cheese and with a side salad instead of fries--is far less fat and calories than a grilled chicken sandwhich--because of the sauces they put on things I suppose. The biggest calorie loaded restaurants I noticed just paging through were panera and marconis. It was quite an eye-opening little book--worth taking a look at. I think it will help hubby more than me as I'm sort of picking at my veggies right now--but I bet he had no idea how much fat and calories are in some of his favorite foods. We don't usually eat out much--but I can see why its not so good an idea after looking in the book. Still when you can't avoid it--its good to at least have some info at your fingertips to help out.

Well the humming birds are in the garden and the finches etc. I need to fill feeders this morning as part of my 'to do' list before we go. The list isn't too long thankfully--I won't have to rush much. Its so much easier to pack just Hubby and I than it used to be to pack up a whole family for a trip.

Our family is changing a little again this week. One of our sons is heading out to Wisconsin to live before we come home back. So it will only be 4 of us again. The kid launching period has been like a revolving door around here! We feel ok about this one heading out. He is 21 and hasn't really adapted to life in the south. He will visit I'm sure and I'll be able to see him whenever I go to Wisconsin to see my mom--this Thanksgiving I hope.I know too we'll hear from him all of football season as he will call to visit over Packer games--and now with Brett Farve's trade--Jet games as well, just as his oldest brother has done for several years now. The Green Bay Packers have been a tradtional male bonding thing in our family. Funny how the guys could all have that one thing so in common no matter what else changes.

Well I'm getting things donw here. I see a baby thrasher is at the party feeder right now. Always a funny site. You rarely see an adult thrasher on a feeder. The finches are so pretty on the thistle feeders among all the flowery little vines. A lone dove is pecking beneath the dogwood, and several sparrows and chickadees have been back and forth to the party feeder for chicken scratch and sunflower seed--then quckly flying back to the holly hedge for cover or perhaps they have nests there?

Another sort of grayish day, 72 degrees, here in Pokeberry. Its been that way in the morning lately but it warms right up to blue sky and high 80s usually in the afternoons. The pool is covered and I probably won't be in it til after our trip, Hubby likely will have a dip this evening while I'm working.

Time to get things checked off on my To Do list, though it is hard to leave Pokeberry ever-- I'm excited to meet my new daughter and see my son. I haven't seen him in so long! Since Christmas--and that was a surprise. Hubby flew him to be with us as a surprise for me (and hubby too, I'm sure).

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  1. Hi Mary...please be sure to have your pelvic exam and pap smear to check your ovaries. Sometimes "girl" problems cause back pain and abdominal pain! Like fibroid tumors, endometriosis, etc. You don't have to publish this comment...but just wanted to tell you this.
    Hope you are feeling better...and definately by the time you fly out to see your son and daugher-in-law.
    Hope you have such a great time!!!