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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Cool 87 Degrees?

I guess we have gotten used to the temperatures here in Charlotte. We spent a year in Fargo before we came down here--where we experienced some pretty darn cold weather. Houses up there have very thick walls--for good reason. Down here, houses aren't built near so strong, the biggest trouble they seem to face is foundation problems from the clay dirt as it swells in rainy years and sort of shrivels up in drought years--which is when the cracks in houses show up. Anyhow--those are some of the things you notice in a new climate.

Last night we were sitting by torch light under our carport~patio having had a dip in the pool. It was barely 90 degrees. We both realized we had come to LIKE 90 degrees. The past week had been a bit cooler and we hadn't used the pool as much--but I don't think there were any days it wasn't at least in the 80s. So apparently 80s is not warm for us anymore. At least not if we aren't actively walking or doing work around the yard or something. So its been cool, in the 80s. Today promises to be a 'cool' day, with temps in the mid 80s by evening. It might rain a little--but probably won't.

I filled the party feeder up yesterday with a combination of chicken scratch and sunflower seed. I use chicken scratch sometimes to save money. Sunflower seed is so expensive now! The birds will eat the scratch more than they will eat the 'premium song bird mix' that you usually find in stores. That stuff usually has a high portion of these little round hard brown seeds that the birds toss on the ground. Sunflower is everyone's favorite though, except the finches--they prefer the thistle to anything. I've tried also the mixed finch seeds--with other small seeds. They don't eat it much. Luckily I was at Food Lion the other day--I do shop there occassionally for quick things--and they had marked down sunflower and thistle. I don't buy that there usually but they were switching brands so they had a closeout. They generally have chicken scratch too, so I have made my own mix this week. I will have enough seed now for a few weeks. Birds in the garden can be a pricey hobby.

I have a pair of cardinals at the feeder now--they like the scratch feed. Its overcast some--which is not the usual thing in Charlotte--usually it is very sunny--all year pretty much.

It seems like fall--but what is fall in a place where it is so warm? Leaves won't really start falling much til late November and December. Still-- The kids in the neighborhood are going back to school this week, so there will be more traffic I guess--that is my first thought. Will I need to leave early for work? When a city this size gets all its kids out on the road--you have to notice.

The library will slow down, we've been so busy. There are lists of books that kids must read over summer and so they come to get their summer reading books, and we have programs all the time in summer and so there is more going on. September we usually don't have programs, it is a planning month for the kids department and a needed break for the rest of us too. We try to get things in better order after a busy summer. Sort of like 'fall cleaning'. I like it busy, but on the other hand it is good to be able to really put the shelves in good order again. Many things get misplaced over summer when you are just too busy to be constantly shelf-reading and shifting.

When the weather gets cool enough I have some baby shrubs to pot up,that I have rooted on my porch. I also want to divide some perenials and succulents. Hopefully in spring I will have some for a little rummage/plant sale. Or maybe I will use them elsewhere. Who knows? It is still too hot right now to be moving plants, its too much stress on them.

In the veggie garden yesterday I mowed between my two beds and I removed the zuchini and squash plants. They looked kind of raggedy. The crook kneck yellow squash has made several new plants, I did leave one that seems fresh. I still have my 'volunteer' zuchini in a galvanized tub that I had planted with elephant ears and caladiums. There are still volunteer sunflowers cropping up all over too. I think I will sow some sunflower along the back fence or in the empty spots of the veggie garden for fall. That will give the birds a treat and be pretty too. I think they'd likely have seed heads around Haloween which is good timing for a fall look in the garden. It will be fun to get my fall porch decorations out of the closet! I bought them last year at Big Lots in their big closeout sale in December. So I have some neat little scarecrow dolls and a wreath and all I need is some pumpkins to go with them. Too bad I didn't plant any pumpkins--maybe next year--if I'm sure I'm not moving. (again, I am always wishing I KNEW if I'd be moving, and wishing I KNEW I wasn't)

I started to do a little pruning on the holly shrubs in front of the house. Its trash day here so if I go out now and finish up I should be able to get my little wheelbarrow full of prunings out to the curb in time for pick up. Then I can still go take a nice walk. :)

Sounds like a plan!

I was feeling somewhat less blue last night-I suppose all the activity outside had to help. I woke feeling a bit down again though. I suppose since I have a dr appointment in a couple weeks I might inquire about anti-depressants. I'm sure they have different things than they did 20 some years ago. Maybe I should think about it. Sigh.. we'll see.

Anyhow This is the Day that the Lord has made, We will rejoice and be glad in it. :)
Or at least give it a good shot. :)

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