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Friday, August 22, 2008

Food Allergy Experimenting

I've kept on trying to learn more about Food & Mood and also about Food Allergy. It seems to me that if I have food allergy--which I guess I do as my biopsy showed the inflammatory cells that indicate allergy-- I need to find out what I'm allergic to. Which I know I was told to do already.. I can be stubborn sadly. I put it in the back of my mind and just tried to ignore it... but I see now I can't do that. My tummy flares are getting much worse and it is now interfering with my life and maybe it is behind this depression too?

My problem is I have suspected that wheat and possibly corn -- are the culprits. Which makes me feel like--ok what will I eat then?????? That's a big change.

I have decided to give both up for a time and see what happens, will I feel better? The problem is that they are such common foods! There is wheat or corn hidden in so many things. I will see the allergist too-- as I know this is something I need help with.

I will have to laugh at myself however if I end up buying groceries at the pricey health food store and avoiding hfcs and all that stuff--and then end up feeling better. It will contradict much of what I've done and said in the past--including some things written on this blog. (Moti-you have permission to laugh too.)

Well I guess I will need to keep researching and I'm going to give the doc a call and tell them I would like to get that allergy testing started soon as possible. I had not done so after my last round of tests because I was so tired of being poked and prodded and invaded---and also I was relieved to find I did not have cancer--but a little overwhelmed at the time with thinking of allergy tests. What if I had to give up things I was so used to? I guess it took a little time to realize I should do it and it will help me, not just be a long annoying, expensive process--but something helpful.

Today's agenda in this reguard--

1. call the doctor and get an appointment with a good allergist.
2. While I'm out on errands I must run--stop at that beautiful very expensive Health food store and get some gluten & corn free products to start out with so I can get going on trying a diet without those things. I think I'll need something to replace bread and pasta and maybe some arrowroot for making sauces as I usually use corn starch. I think I'll just see if I can pick up a few prepared things too-- maybe some soup, and some sauces--so I don't have to be searching for alot of recipes right now while I'm busy. t
3. Start looking for signs of corn and wheat on product labels and
4. do more scratch cooking.
5.Do some research about eating out with food allergy--as I will be away from home much of next week and eating in restaurants possibly. Maybe I can find a hotel with a kitchen? I was planning to change our reservations anyhow to get closer to our son.

Now all this has to fit in with my agenda of doing alot of other things today in preparation for our trip out to see our son next week. This is my last weekday off work before we go, and darn it--I just don't feel good. My gutt is just awful and so is my back. I suppose I'll just do the errands and not worry about all the housecleaning I was thinking of doing. The kids can do that.

Here's to hoping all this is going to be helpful!


  1. I go to some raw food classes, which are taught by an RN who nearly died of food might enjoy doing some raw food classes. It is a lot of chopping and grinding, but you can pack a lot of nutrition into uncooked fruits, vegies, seeds and nuts!

  2. Strangely, some raw foods give me more trouble than cooked. Fruits & Veggies in particular. I have heard of that though. I think probably there is no one diet for everyone. For me, I think the food pyramid is especially bad cuz I think I have a grain problem. Not 100% sure yet--but looks that way.