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Saturday, August 2, 2008

In Pokeberry Saturday Morning, August 2 2008

The litle wren is in and out of the gourd birdhouse back by the fence this morning.Chirping can be heard from inside the nest quite frequently now, I think this time next week there will likely be tiny wren fledglings exploring Pokeberry. I'm off on a fun adventure later this morning. My friend Cindy and I are heading out to a place in the country that has a big yard full of salvaged stuff, lots of old metal things that could be used to make decorative pieces for house or garden. We went there once but found out it was only open certain days of the week so we've been waiting for a chance to go again. Cindy and I work together at the library. She's one of my good frugal friends. Most Saturday mornings Cindy is out at the rummage sales in her neighborhood. She's always looking for things for her family and for her house. I'm thinking of gifts right now hoping to find some neat things to make gifts from or to decorate my house or Pokeberry.

I snapped a photo of a very deep blue morning glory this morning. Its in a pot with some four o'clocks. I planted lots of pots full of seeds last spring and then just let them decide how to look. I have a few little plastic tubs with assorted vines that bloom differently. Some plants bloom in the morning and some in the afternoon or evening. In the morning here the birds play with a background of blooming morning glories and rose of sharon and sometimes moss roses, nasturtiums, impatiens, begonias, petunias and geraniums. In the evening birds sup near blooming 4 o'clocks and sometimes moonvine. Pokeberry is just a small urban backyard with a chain link fence mostly hidden by shrubs and vines. I suppose its not really a special place--but for me it is beautiful!

Right now I see a little goldfinch plucking seeds from a small sunflower head that has gone to seed in the big galvanized tub garden. The birds planted their own sunflowers I guess--unless maybe Stumpy the chipmunk did it? Anyhow they came up in several of my pots and I let them stay in some of them. They're pretty and its fun to watch the birds in them.

Happy Pokeberry Morning to you--off I go on my adventure!

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