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Monday, August 11, 2008

In Pokeberry This Morning-- Monday August 11 08

The trees in the front and the house are casting a shadow over much of the garden at the moment. The sun pattern is changing, it does that as the summer progresses. Hubby and I were floating in the pool yesterday talking about how nice the weather has been the past several days and how happy we are that summer is only about 1/2 over here in Charlotte NC. Yup we'll be getting another 2 months use from our pool--maybe more. Hubby wants to try to run a black hose along the roof and run the pool water through it to 'heat' the water so we can swim longer into fall-- dunno about that. He always has ideas like that. Come to think of it, I usually have some odd ideas too--maybe that's our common ground?

Anyhow the main point is we really are enjoying our pool. We've also been enjoying listening a library CD the past couple weekends-- "Raising Sand" by Robert Plant & Allison Krauss. I'll probably be taking it back this week and looking to see if there's something else interesting. I get movies, cds and books at the library so our entertainment budget is pretty low--other than our investment in the pool from Sam's Club and trips to see relatives we pretty much stay here in Pokeberry and just enjoy home.

There are more baby birds in Pokeberry this week. We can usually tell babies because they have the odd bit of fuzz here and there on their heads, slightly disordered feathers, a sort of plump dopey look about thier little faces and a tendency to do slightly dumb things that are not characteristic of their breeds--like a baby thrasher trying to thrash seeds in the party feeder--usually they thrash grass looking for bugs. Yesterday we spotted a baby rufous towhee, a baby gold finch and a baby thrasher in our yard. Mrs. Wren's Babies are probably out and about someplace, though she has hidden them well--I know they have vacated the Gourd bird house.

I set up my first 'wiki' webpage. Hubby is arranging for me to have my own domain--something happened to mess it up yesterday so it is not yet mine. I expect it will be called We'll see. Anyhow its a new adventure for me. It will likely not have much on it for a while as I am learning how to do things. Wiki pages are super easy to use, creating regular webpages a bit harder. I need to learn quite a few things. I wanted to start by learning html, I could just use templates--and maybe I will once I have learned html--but I really to 'understand' what I'm doing and not be limited by a template. So I am taking my time.

Today is a shopping day here in Pokeberry. I have lots of errands to run and will try to pare them down into a reasonable 'route' to run. My first order of business though is to take a nice walk this morning and just enjoy the fresh greenness and the birds all about me. There truly can be nothing finer than Carolina in the morning. That song was telling it like it is. :)

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