Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Friday, August 8, 2008

In Pokeberry This Morning

Happily looking out the window on my 27th wedding anniversary. Hubby got tickets for our trip out west to see our son and his new wife. His company pays his expenses as it is a working trip, my expenses are our anniversary present. :) This morning I see a little gold finch perched on a thistle sock right above one of my little hanging pots of coleus & moss, and the clustered pots of vines and four o'clocks and caladiums and such like. A very pretty scene indeed. My work schedule is sort of odd the next week or so, I'm working more days but the same amount of hours, so the days are shorter. Mainly I'm working afternoons and evenings.

I've taken up a new study, I'm learning to write html code. Hubby being a software guy has invested in his own server and is giving me my own domain. Which means I can have my own website. I'm thinking I want to have a wiki style website. As I have a bit of an interest in learning more about that right now. A wiki is a website that is interactive, anyone who can read it can also edit it. I like to know how things work and I think learning html will be my first step in this. I had talked with hubby about my going to school for web design but we decided that the money and time could be better spent-- for me-- by self-learning with him as a tutor. That way I can spend a little on 'tools' rather than schools. This is in keeping with my own thoughts, I'm not looking for a 'hot shot career' as a web developer. I would like to eventually be able to create websites and maintain/update them and possibly do this for some extra money, but mainly do it for myself. If I were looking for a full time job in web development I suppose I would think more about actually going to school. Another factor is my age. I'm not against us 'older folk' starting degree programs, but I don't see myself spending several years of my life in class right now. I just want to learn what I want to and get on with things.

Anyhow Pokeberry has been a great 'get your feet wet' experience for me. By blogging I've learned a great deal. I haven't learned basic html though and without the templates that blogger offers--I'm kind of helpless. I want to be 'not helpless' and to learn more. I want to explore a non-traditional education for myself in web development. I think if I bring the same interest and enthusiasm to this as I did to gardening and cooking and shopping--I will do well. :)

Another thing I'm very interested in doing right now is some sewing/embroidering for my little granddaughter who will be making her appearance sometime on or about early January. I'm imaginging little pokeberry birdys embroidered on pretty baby outfits and baby blankets etc. What a wonderful time to be alive in Pokeberry! What could be better than being a gramma and getting a chance to learn new things too?


  1. How wonderful that your hubby can teach you...not to mention the great time you will spend together!!! I just started an old hobby (20 years ago) I used to love...cross stitching! I love embroidery and needlework of all kinds. Just bought a "natural light" gooseneck floor lamp just for my needlework! Check out baby ideas online! There are so many! Congrats on your upcoming trip Mary!!! I am so excited for you!

  2. I used to work at a little needleworks shop that gave a generous employee discount. I have all kinds of books and fabric and threads in a little dresser. So I can just go shopping in there and come up with a nice project to do for our pinkberry. :) The natural light lamps are great! I had one, but sadly it broke. I bought a cheap one at Sam's club, probably should have got the better quality one we sold at the shop. Shrug.
    As eyes get older that light really makes a difference. :)

  3. They are expensive, but I found mine at K-Mart of all places...for only 34 dollars! It seems well made!