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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Bargains This Week: End of Season Plants, a Salvage Yard, Right Aid Rebates

A couple special shopping trips this week one was my Saturday morning trip to Clines Antiques, which is actually a big salvage yard style store. The owner has some land in the country and has basically collected loads of salvaged stuff and pretty much leaves outside on the ground. Yah.. it looks alot like a big junk yard. Anyhow, my friend Cindy and I went out there and found some neat stuff. We'd been told the prices would be reasonable and I suppose they were, but she and I being sort of 'cheap' decided against buying very much. I came away with one antique aqua vase--which I'm not sure is an antique--but it was $1 and I really liked it. I also picked up a couple of small painted metal water cans for $5 & $6. They will look nice in my living room which is decorated in a sort of eclectic garden style. So I spent $12.00 on our outing. Cindy had some things she wanted, but decided they were more $ than she liked--so she left empty handed--but we both now 'know' what sort of things are at Clines and we had a great little visit together going there and to a rummage sale. She and I have usually gotten togther for little bargain hunting trips, we don't usually spend much $$ but we have fun.

Another trip this week--I visited Lowes and found they had marked down 1/2 gallon pots of purple and chartreuse sweet potato vines and also of all sorts of neat looking large coleus plants to only $1 per pot. Well-- I know that you can overwinter cuttings or plants of coleus & sweet potato in the house and I decided to get some. I got one each of the yams and 3 different coleus. So I spent $5.

I took cuttings from everything and also from some purple heart I have growing outside and tucked them in water in that new 'old vase' from Clines. That's sitting on a stool near my living room window where I keep my orchids. Its great cuz right now the orchids are not blooming--one (my freebie plant from someone on freecycle!) has buds the rest are finished blooming for a while. So now I have an aqua vase full of lovely cuttings. The cuttings add color to my living room and are busy rooting! If you are going to root cuttings why not do it a pretty vase? When they are rooted I will pot them up and take more cuttings. :) Next year there will be tons of coleus and yams to use in my gardens or sell at a plant/rummage sale--maybe I'll give some to Cindy --or she and I will do a rummage together-- ya never know. :)

I took the plants and used them all about the carport~patio. Some are in these cute little lime green painted metal pots that hook over metal 's' shaped trim on my awning posts. These containers were $2 ea at Dollar General. I think they should last several years, judging by the look of them. I added a bit of freebie spanish moss left over from what I gathered when we were down in Charleston. That will keep the pots from drying out and it looks nice too. :)

I love to decorate with plants. Every time I do something new with one I learn a bit more. I especially love plants that are easy to grow and multiply. They are great for gifts and often pay for themselves as I can sell some, keep some, give some. :)

This week I gave Cindy some pampas grass that I have in pots. I had one pampas grass in a pot and divided it into 6 pots. She is going to grow it as a hedge at her house and later when I get my own house I can go get some new starts from her. Friends are for sharing with.

Last but not least in 'deals' this week I got a $10 gift certificate in the mail from RiteAid. It is the last of the $$ they promised me when I moved my RX's there a while ago. I got more when I had some refills done. I also have in my wallet a rebate check from Riteaid for 12.00. So-- I have some plans for spending this little bit of windfall. I went to the Riteaid website--which is a very well done, easy to navigate & functional website--and I uploaded my favorite wedding photo of my son and his new wife. I then used their Picture Center to design a little Wedding Announcement card. Since my son & his wife live far, far away from the rest of the family they 'eloped'. I am sending out little cards to our family with thier photo to share our happy news. My gift cert and rebate check are cutting the cost of that project down to just a few dollars, and the cards are really cute! I can pick them up in a few days when I'm at my Riteaid & Harris Teeter to do my Grocery Game shopping. It only took a couple minutes to do this and my store is very convenient. LOVE IT!

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