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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Local Food In Charlotte NC

Well, my friend Moti Rieber over at Jewish Simplicity has been encouraging me to think about local grown foods (other than just in my garden that is..or say 11 pounds of peaches lifted over the fence from the neighbor.)

First I want to say that my Harris Teeter does indeed have some local grown foods which I'm happy about. (I heart my Harris Teeter). I also found out by doing a tad of research that there are 2 Farmer's Markets in the Charlotte Area that sell only Locally grown Produce.

One is the South End Tailgate Market--which I could get to by just hopping on that spiffy new Light Rail train near my house, the other is the Farmer's Market in Matthews about 1/2 a block from the library where I work. The big Farm Market in Charlotte has local foods also but not exclusively.

Now I've already been to the Matthews Market-- it is super cute and has a really neat selection of things in a real nice old fashioned small town atmosphere. If you are ever in the Charlotte area on a Saturday Morning you do need to visit it. I have not been to the tailgate markket, but yesterday I did sign up to get their email newsletter and one of these days when I'm in the moood I will hop that Light Rail and go visit it. I have also been to the big Charlotte Food Market, I enjoyed it, but yeah... it does take a bit of the 'feel' away if you see crates of veggies from distant places at a farmer's market.You kind of expect 'farm stuff'.

Anyhow I am not opposed to farmer's markets, I like them fine. I just have a small budget so I still use my Grocery Game and my coupons, watch the sales etc and of course my garden is there to add more japanese eggplant that we can eat. :)For me, going to the Farm Market is a treat, so I don't get to do it every week... maybe later when these 3 free-loaders, err... adult kids, move out like their big brother did. (I think now that #1 son is actually married, he won't be coming back like the rest of them seem to keep doing. :) )

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